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[PS3] Racing Circuit starting Tuesday Oct.22 8pm ET


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In cooperation with Sprunk and Ammu-Nation, the USSA will be sponsoring a Road Race Event on a daily basis beginning at/around 8pm Eastern. Interested participants will competing on a street course playlist consisting of 12 races. Please be willing or attempting to participate in all 12 race events as I will be constructing a leaderboard for a racing "League". Anyone who want in can use the information below.


PSN id - CoachDub25 - same on social club

Playlist Name - Racing Circuit 1

Date - Tuesday Oct.22

Time - 8pmET


I will try to post details of the playlist in about an hour. We will be running Supercars, NO customs. Thanks everyone.

Edited by CoachDub25
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Still seeking Racers for several structured race events. Group is at/around 6-8. I figure we will need between 30-40 to run nightly events with an official recorder. Anyway, the more the merrier.


We are starting out right now running short race playlists, or what I like to call "money" circuits. (races end quickly and everyone typically finishes) Once we have the numbers to always run at least 8, we will form a fully structured racing circuit or league...whatever ya wanna call it. We plan to have all events categorized and statistics recorded according to variables such as:


Class (Supercars, Motorcycles, Off-Road, Planes, Choppers, etc.)

Type (GTA, Standard, Point to Point, Laps, etc.)

Various Tracks (Arms Race, Down the Drain, Route 68, etc.)

Traffic and Wanted Levels

Number of Participants



The league will breakdown each category and statistic to the best of our recorders' abilities. A detailed set of rules and scoring criteria will be posted in the EVENTS section in the next couple of days. The Circuit or League will be tracked on both the GTA forums AND the United Sets website.

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