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Gta 5 boxing club.


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The Futelli family mafia was debating the other day and we stumbled across the idea of fighting.


The plan is


- 4 fighters

- 1v1

- the overall winner will when a up graded car worth any where from 20-30k. Maybe bigger fights will have a pay out of 90k.


We use upgraded cars to do payouts because we do not know how to exactly do transactions.


Any suggestions are welcomed!

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i host fight clubs daily from 9pm est till whenever


if you weak ass niggas wanna get your strength up then add me lionofjudah7


last night we had a 12 man circle pit with 2 niggas in the middle fighting to the death gladiator style


if you niggas wanna get beat down or beat down other niggas then add me up or else f*ck off

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Looking for Active and skilled GTA V online players for xbox 360 but anyone can join. We are a friendly and cooperative crew that loves messing around but also knows how to hunker down and play a few serious missions. Brand new crew that is desperately in need of new members!! If you invite your friends to the crew there is a large possibility you will be promoted if they are active also! Add me on Xbox 360 GT: ZiPPiTTyDuDa and check out the crew page http://socialclub.ro...w/goons_galore_

We have an awesome emblem for you to put on your car, Jacket, Etc but I'd be delighted to see some new options if there are any skilled artists out there! :lol:

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