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Cars still disappearing...



The disappearing cars from the garages was only one part of the issue. Rockstar keeps saying they're fixing disappearing car/mods issues but it seems they are addressing the garage issue only. There are tons of other situations where cars totally disappear. Examples:



When my garage is full and I want to get a car out to put a new one in, I go in get a car come out and that one that was sitting there is gone...or if that doesn't happen.....I put the new car in and the one I took out is gone.


Cars disappear when entering houses for missions cutscenes or entering buildings during missions.


If there are a lot of cars on the screen, I've gotten out of my car and turned then turned back and my car was gone.


Don't run too far from your car or the same thing will happen.


When this happens Ive checked the impound and the cars are not going there.


These have been running issues with GTA since the beginning and I hope with each new iteration they get it fixed, hasn't happened yet. It however seems extra bad in this one.....


Please fix or at least minimize all the other disappearing car issues aside from the garages because there is a bigger problem out there for sure.


I don't drive any of my garage cars because Im afraid they will only eventually disappear on me.

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6 answers to this question

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So is this not a problem or doesn't anyone know when they plan on fixing it if ever?

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Lost my new car, while I put it in my garage. The next day it just wasn't there. I bought it with patch 1.04 and lost the money also.


A lot of what you say also has to do with memory issues, which you also had with older versions of GTA. They can only show so many different cars at one time, so they use an agressive memory unload mechanism.


I got shot by police a few days back and got to the Inpound to get my car back. I couldn't see it but saw my tracking icon on the map and followed that. I could get in it and was driving in an invisible car (my avatar was flooting above the road). It is an example of the agrassive memory unload function. The same for only seeing the same cars or only two type of cars.


I hope it will be solved on the PS4/Xbox One, which both have 8GB and should be enough to finally make it more realistic. The PS3 has only 256MB and the Xbox 360 512MB, so that isn't very much to work with.

Edited by Silencer81

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Your right its not at all. Still I think a priority should be put on the car you just got out of, if its even possible..maybe not. Its an issue that I hope gets fixed with every new GTA and it never does...with the huge jump in RAM maybe we will get it in the next one...

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Hmm Michael drove his cheetah the other day. It got banged up pretty good so I parked it in Michael's garage next to his house then switched to one of the others and saved the game a bit later. Today when I switch to Michael and look in his garage the cheetah I put there is gone. I then checked his away garage but not there either. Then I went to the impound thinking of course it will be there even though I did not leave it on the side of the road but parked it in his own garage. No luck @ the impound. A $650.000 car gone just like that ...I hope it will return since this is not the first time cars disappear in GTAV. And yes I can just buy it again I suppose but that's not really the point before any of you start.


Edit: I have completed the main storyline a week ago so that can't be a factor.

Edited by Bob_Loblaw

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I'll be checking the garage later tonight but I suspect it's gone for good which really sux. I will most definitely NOT be buying any more cars or other vehicles in this game as is. And i guess there is no point in reporting this since R* are probably drowning in claims from users :S

Bye bye sweet Cheetah (by Grotti) :orly::/

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Okay so this is my final post in this thread. Having tried everything such as visit the impound, the away garage and switching between the characters hoping the car would turn up eventually I decided to load an old savegame where the car thankfully WAS in the garage...phew!. I lost game progress doing this but I figured at least I got my $650.000 car back. So at the cost of game progress I got it resolved. I will leave it in the garage and not drive it since the last time I drove it and returned it to the garage it disappeared.

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