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stabby mcstabstab

FIGHT CLUB xbox 360 crew looking for new members

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stabby mcstabstab

so heres my idea, gta online dosnt have a fight club and im looking to get a big group of people together so we can have our own.

once we get 23 more members we'll be holding our first tournament.

winner gets ranked up to lieutenant, but everyone who fights in our first tournament will make atleast representative an future tournaments will include more promotions an prize money.

we also do missions, survival, TDM, races, free mode, LTS, dirtbiking, bmx freestyle at skateparks, you name it.

always up for helping out our low level players too.

we will be having all kinds of fights not just one on one, there will be handicap matches where the lone fighter gets to use a melee weapon, well have full on brawls, knife fights, last man standing and more!

only looking for mature gamers that want to fight


if interested look us up on the social club and join: G-TOWN MAFIA 420

or if you have any questions msg me on the socialclub @chainsmoker0301

rank comes to those who fight for it

Edited by stabby mcstabstab

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stabby mcstabstab

and im aware i just broke the first rule to fight club

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Pity you weren't aware of the forum guidelines.

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