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Did this old man almost solicit us for sex?

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Before I start, I want to state that I am more than happy to talk to 'strangers'. I hate that term, not knowing someone doesn't make them strange, people need to stop being so closed-minded. I wish we lived in a society where people felt like they could approach others and speak to them, without fearing that the person/people they're speaking to assume they're a pervert; or anything of the sort. If someone makes conversation with me, even a brief sentence as they walk past, I always make the effort to reply, and not to dismiss them.


That said, I do genuinely believe what happened yesterday, was 'strange' to say the least.


So me and my friend were chilling out in this park near to where we live. My friend's this 6'4 streak of piss with Asperger's. He's also a semi-stereotypical homosexual, not that I have a problem with it in the slightest, it's just the truth. The clothes he chooses to wear, his mannerism, you could spot he was gay from a mile away. I'm bisexual myself (leaning to the gay side), although I'd say you'd have a hard time identifying me as one. Regardless, on with the story. So my friend has just fell flat on his chest after fooling around on this peculiar contraption in a play-area, and I'm bursting out in laughter. Moments later, this unkempt old dude approaches us. Now I can't remember exactly what was said initially, I was still laughing; but from what my friend told me, the old man essentially approached us and barely said a word. Jack (my friend) said hello to him, and he said hello back. He asked us what we were up to, and after recovering from my laughter, I asked him if he had just seen my friend essentially faceplant the floor. He said he didn't. At this moment, I was somewhat confused because he wasn't making much of an attempt to talk to us. I figured he had approached us to see if Jack was alright, but it seemed he hadn't. I can't remember what was said at this point in our 'encounter', but the old dude asked us if there were any pubs around. My friend mentioned a few, and then he mentioned that certain pubs play certain types of music. My friend having Asperger's, started irrelevantly mentioning all these sub-genres of Metal and Punk music, expecting the man to understand. He sort-of nodded in agreement, then paused for a few moments. It was very, very awkward. Throughout our brief chat, there were several awkward pauses, then the man randomly said goodbye to us and walked away. The "goodbye" was almost spontaneous. Usually you can signal someone attempting to leave by their body language, with the conversation leading onto the announcement of their departure. This man on the other hand, seemed as if throughout the conversation, he was observing us, almost as if to 'read' us.


My friend thought nothing of it, but people with Asperger's find it difficult to read body language and emotion. I on the other hand, felt very unnerved by the whole scenario. As you get older, you tend to subconsciously pick up on different emotions and atmospheres that may not be blatantly obvious at first glance. In my eyes, he was determining whether we were "suitable" candidates or not.


What do you think, and have any of you guys ever had anything like that? Creepy stuff.

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tbh he was probably just drunk

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He might've just had a breakdown and was wandering about, not expecting to run into anybody. I remember once I got super pissed at my mom, so I went to the train line near my apartment to walk down the tracks to the crossing, where I usually walk back home and take whatever my mom gives me.


Anyway, I'm walking down the train line, and I see these crewmen working on a signal. I watched them for a few minutes until the noticed me. I looked at them and they looked at me and I turned around and walked back home.

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Did he ask you for sex or even hint at it? There are many explainations for why he might have been acting that way. But nothing bad came of it so forget it and move on.

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I see things in hotel business all the time.

Some people are just lonely and want/will talk to anyone.

Others you have to watch out for though.

He may be seeing if you regularly attend that park and if you go alone at all.

Just keep your eyes out at all times.

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