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Brie': The Assassin

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Brie':The Assassin

In order to be invincible one must have a team or a unit capable of overcoming all odds. Michael Toreno prides himself on being able to handle anything that the Powers That Be (PTB) throws his way. After the death of his youngest agent, he has no choice but to find someone that is not only better but smarter than his senior agents. No one knows his true history but those above him in power. What’s his agenda? No one knows that either. Many think he’s trying to fill that hole of doubt that he’s washed up and a failure. Brie represents hope and a key to this “New Beginning” that he often refers to. No one’s to be underestimated…even the Powers That Be. Brie’s path starts now.

Brie’ [19-21]
British import hired by Michael Toreno to serve as part of his “secret-service” unit. She’s skilled in martial arts and boxing. It is believed that her mother and father died in a plane crash on a visit to Africa. She’s a loner, keeping herself distant from those that may be vulnerable to her lifestyle.

Michael Toreno[40’s-50]
He often refers to himself as a business man’s business man after a line and a shot of Brandy, its Lord Toreno or God. He goes to Brie’ in person, which for him is rare.

Shane Tai:[Late 20’s-30]
Toreno’s top agent and personal security. He’s often at his side and has his best interest in mind. He’s often at his side and has his best interest in mind. He often assigns mission detail to The Weasel in Toreno’s absence.

The Weasel[40’s-50]
Toreno’s oldest agent. He knows all of the tricks and usually has no problem getting the job done. He’s like a mentor or counselor to Brie’. He takes sh*t from no one, not even the boss which may be the reason he isn't in Shane’s position.

L. Ian Dee[Early 20s]
Computer hacker/programmer
He spends his time coding, shopping online, working out, and of course hacking. L’s motivation is money and power. He feels that if he’s works for himself that he doesn't have to work for anyone, but of course that is all subject to change.

The Powers That Be
The powers that be are an elite government unknown by outsiders. Jacob is the head of that government that holds a cell of special assassins.



NOTE: I'm looking for good fiction writers to join me in creating the story for a DYOM mission pack that I'm currently designing. If I could have a group of writers and potential co-designers aid me, I'd be grateful. I'd like to become a stronger writer and expand on some of the things that I've written already. All feedback is welcome except negativity. I originally thought of creating this topic as a tool for recruitment. but maybe it could be a writing workshop for the MP as well.

One of my intentions are for this series to stand out from others before. When I play DYOM, I look for creativity and good writing. To make my mission pack different, I've implemented the use of original character modifications using txd workshop and 3ds max. I would like to create a series thats entertaining and worth playing.

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Missions will be uploaded in Friday, maybe Saturday.

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