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KD himan

The Tale of forelli - episodes from Vice City

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KD himan






finally logo by me :lol:




hello everybody! its me KD himan presenting my new mission pack or storyline ''the tale of forreli - episodes from vice city'' some time before, i got too bored of making missions.. my pc is too slow to i left DYOM for sometime.. but after looking topic ''gta 3 reloaded'', i got inspired by it.. so i also make my new series not on san andreas.. on vice city..




this is my second mission series after ''the serial killer'' no no! forget about that! bad english! yaa yaa..

for my this series,you will need several mods.. just little bit heavy.. we will talk about it later :lol:




vice city 1979,everything was like before.. drug trafficking,human trafficking,dealers,other local gangs like italian mafia bla bla bla.. some other local gangs from san andreas settle down here to make their deal official.. your brother ralph jefferson was working under T-bone mendaz,leader of san fierro rifa.. their aim was to rule over whole vice city and take other local territories.. day by day, Rifans are getting powerful but on other side,mafians are not get f*cked up easily.. this lead to a very big gang war at vice city.....

on the other side, hector jefferson. living in liberty city and thrown out of here because of his criminal cases,robbing and other stuff.. so his brother calls him to vice city to get a job for him.. A good job or Bad job.. hector thinks that he can live a great life here but who knows the reality?





1.Hector Jefferson-


he is the main protagonist of the story,you will play with him. thrown out of liberty city because of his criminal cases,drug dealing and for snatching up people there and after settled down to vice city to do a new job...




2.Ralph Jefferson-



He is second main protagonist of the story,elder brother of hector,you can also play with him. he is working under T-bone for 6 years,a well known criminal in vice city and do job for just money...


3. Dormington Jade ( Hazer )



He is very good friend of ralph,he is also working for T-bone. the mastercriminal and lord of guns.. he was in military but thrown out because of disobeying his orders and other stuffs.


4. Agent STAR


He is a DEA agent comes from las venturas and comes to vice city for his new missions.. he is not a simple agent. you must face him.. his mission is to vipe out all the local gangs in vice city and stop other criminal activities over there.


5. T-Bone Mendaz



He is the leader of san fierro rifa.. comes to vice city to vipe out all mafians so that they become the powerful gang in the whole united. you also have to work under him for few time.



6. Zoe Mendaz



He is the younger brother of T-bone,always waiting for any revenge. very gay and poor but nobody can messes him because brother of T-bone. he not like anybody laughing at him or making joke at him... look what he does...


7. Rick Korego (cody)



A pure asian man,joined the loco syndicate for growing up some respect in vice city.. he is well known person in vice city. he is like son of mendaz because he trust him more than others.. he is also friendly with ralph.


8. Mike Hagger



The vice president of mafians... every mafian follows him,he had a strong unity with his gang and the most powerful person in vice city, he had some conflicts with mendaz.. both gangs hate each other...


9. Miz Freddy



The secret worker of T-bone, he do his work very uniquely and like a snake. he is not in the blacklist of vice city police department. he is not a good mixer with everyone.. he do not waste his time in idle chat.


10. Joe Tsang



A 19 year old asian guy which got troubled with triads in 1950s... he joined liberty city triad but all mafians f*ck off them from here.. just few left,he is one of those triads.


11. Mike Tsang



brother of Joe tsang. the same thing happened to him but now he is going to take revenge from mafians.


12. Franks Mills



a normal member of vagos. he is working under big poppa since 5 years. he is not a simple gangster. he brought some heavy stuffs with him to vice city.. in order to vipe out rifans,they have a big rivalry with them.


13. Rick dan monte



a high ranked mafian in vice city.. you think you can beat him easily? f*ck off now. nobody had catch him,he is most wanted in whole vice city.


14. president mitsubishi



The president of vice city. fully corrupted,heavy protection,many bitches a pure rich cat.. thats it.. he send so many cops,soldiers to kill all local gangsters.. but how he can? poor old man...


15. hoe hitachi



the vice president of vice city,same as mitsubishi.. that bald asian..


16. officer harry johnson



A mad retarded officer of vice city.. he does everything come to his mind.. you also have to face him.. he got some heavy stuffs like minigun, RPGs and other stuff..



note : all chars in the list are main..





first of all, make a clean copy of gta sanandreas and remove all of your other mods in your gta sa because gta sa vice mod doesnt work if there are so many mods already on you game.


1. you will need ''gta san vice mod'' - http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=2330

( you will not have to make backup of your files.. it can be simply uninstalled )


2. few skin mods- http://www.mediafire.com/download/8z7h4bm36qo0uem/TToF_Mods.rar





not yet.. coming soon. :cry:




not yet.. coming soon. :cry:





1. in many missions,you are given suitable weapons such as m4,ak47,mp5 etc not like that poor dildos or rifals.


2. you must have to install san vice mod to play my missions because if you play my missions on gta sanandreas original map, the game will crash!


3. all of the mods are not owned bye me.


4. if you want to ask me anything, you can!


5. improvements- better english, better objective, good length, hard to play and ready for action! not like in topic ''the serial killer''!






Intro missions available now ! ! ! completed :lol: download it - http://www.mediafire.com/download/8c38687bf8n96ly/TToF-EFVC_(intro).rar

status- 10 % completed ( intro missions complete )









all credits goes to anyone who played my any missions.. thank you everybody..


goldkiller to make this awesome mod!


my all other friends such as XXGTAIVxx for telling me about fonts and header, R1X4FIN for cool tutorials and all others ( sorry if i forgot your name )






picasa 3 for editing picture


and special thanks to


patrick and ducthy to make this awesome mod!

Edited by KD himan

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KD himan

how is my this topic? better than before?

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Yeah, This is better... and is T-BONE MEndez no T-BONE MENDAZ :D

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KD himan

Yeah, This is better... and is T-BONE MEndez no T-BONE MENDAZ :D

okey thank you i will correct it, any more mistakes?

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Yeah, This is better... and is T-BONE MEndez no T-BONE MENDAZ :D

okey thank you i will correct it, any more mistakes?



No. I guess no!

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You do realise that by PM'ing me to check out your storyline you're reducing your chances of me doing so by.... err.. pretty much 100 percent? If an author needs to spam people's pm's with the link to their storyline, then it's not even worth playing.

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