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Posted (edited)

tonight i was doing some mc business stuff, i was driving my vagner to my chumash bunker when a level 300+ random destroyes my car and kills me.

i respawn and when he encounters me again he kills me (one more time i tried to mini gun him but he kills me (he was in one of the arena war vehicles)), i placed a $9k bounty on him.

he goes into the arena, i call the mechanic and have him deliver my khanjali tank and go into ghost mode and i drive to the arena and wait for him to come out.

he drives out and sees my tank and gets wrecked by my tank's tesla cannon.🤣

Edited by hugh750
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On 6/1/2020 at 6:38 AM, Shiloh Comes said:

Just been in a race lobby with some guy who had over 2500 wins and 600 losses.



I mean, if you are going to cheat or mod, seriously, put in some effort to at least ensure people don't just laugh at you.

This game has been out for a long time and this is possible, you must be jealous or your ego got crushed somewhere. 

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A little while ago I was approached by a bright red player in a Deluxo, I did the normal procedure of getting out of my vehicle and getting my minigun or homing missile launcher ready for his approach. 

He did the unexpected however and pulled up next to me and started honking. From the get go I had a good idea what he had in store but decided to humor him so I jumped in. He did not disappoint and eject me from the vehicle.


I assume he intended to hit my parachute and make me fall to my death but what he did not anticipate is that I am skilled at steering the parachute and landed way before he got the chance to turn around take out my chute. He resorted to plan B by meeting me on the ground, trying to knock me over and spamming missiles. However in his idiocy he blew himself up and I just started laughing hysterically on the mic making fun of him then left to do another doomsday mission.

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What yall think?


A party with Grove str weedgang crew on Xbox1. Definitely the best invite only crew on Xbox1. 


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today i was messing around with an npc i accidently bumbed into and pissed him off, he started trying to punch me, so i called the cops but before they could arrive, a tryhard killed me.

so that turned into a war with me fighting at least several tryhards (killing some of them and they getting some kills on me).

it went on and on until i managed to bring out my khanjali tank and i killed the one tryhard who kept coming after me the most and i blasted him.

he left me alone after that but i kept killing the cops over and over until they suddenly stopped coming after me.

my psyche got pretty high.🤣



Edited by hugh750

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today i bought some of the new clothes and masks, i noticed a bounty near the beach so drove there to try and claim it.

but it wass near my yacht so i used marksman rifle to zoom on it but i couldn't see it but i did see a low level random drive up to me.

i didn't take chances and blasted him, he respawned and came after me again only to be killed again, and so startted a little war (he got some kills on me and i got some on him).

i eventually called in my khanjalli and got two more kills on him (i won the war 6 - 5) and he left the session.

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