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X Mr Meaner X

Left the nightclub to see a notification of a business battle starting. was the merryweather drop at sandy shores so I jumped in my starling and headed straight there. On way I check the map and see two players already there so figured I would strafe them before I landed. Lined up the drop zone and tilted the nose straight for the spot, loosed off a few rockets and whaddya know, here comes a crate from the sky! Picked up the crate, killed two players and was off again all in one go,  by far the most impressive thing I have ever done in this game. Then enroute back to nightclub the game lagged and I got kicked from the session 😭

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Barnie Spacullie

How stoned were you guys from a scale to  0 to Shloaded, when online switched to Snow. 



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I just had to stop and record this lol 


Edited by KennyLoggins

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Here's a short spooky story


So this guy, all he ever wanted for Christmas was a red ryder bb gun up-n-atomizer, and so he played a boring game where all he did was wait for hours on christmas eve eve just for a chance that an event would appear, this event of course granting the victor a very unique and interesting item for GTAO


Unfortunately, the odds of getting this unique and interesting item seemed very low, as you might find a sweater that glow


Hours and hours passed and sweaters from a seemingly endless cache, they had no end.


His short lifespan withered away, for a special item he'd never get to play, all he finds are sweaters to this day.




but srsly this is nightmare fuel for me, I got other sh*t I gotta/wanna do and here I am waiting in freeroam for an event, I rush in a panic to complete it and get rewarded with a sweater then repeat over, and over again, my goodness I just want the damn gun so I can fire it a couple times then go do my business but I'm stuck here in my personal hell.

Edited by CrysisAverted

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Ran into someone this morning. I was driving minding my own business when this broomstick riding mouth breather blew me up.

I just sent him a SMS with "ok", called in my replacement car and drove off.


He replied "If ur not gunna kill me, leave the session."


A few minutes later he blew me up again. I went passive after that.


He then began following me around like a lost puppy after that. Blowing up anything and everything I attempted to get into, if I stopped while driving a stolen car, he would climb into the car I was driving, give me the 3 star wanted level he had and let the police kill me.


The only time he left me alone was when someone else tried selling product where he would make a bee line to them and blow it all to hell.

I ended up driving back and forth by Mors Mutual calling in replacement vehicles, driving over to it, he'd blow it up, wash rinse repeat.


He must have blown up 15 of my personal vehicles. His rating was "BAD SPORT" and he had a dunce cap on, so I guess this was expected?


After 40 minutes I sent him a message "You done yet kid?" And that must have irked him because he replied "Dude? WTF? I'm 26!"


"Yeah, and I'm Santa"


"I'm a bad sport!  Don't you see the hat?"


Oh my god he was proud of this fact. I just wished him luck resolving whatever issues he was dealing with IRL because they had to be tough if he could only get satisfaction for his aggression by being a dick to strangers in a video game and changed sessions.

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X Mr Meaner X

Met some strange people last night also...


First off I was doing the Robbery in Progress mission. Cops kill me outside bank, CEO and associate appear in savage and take the gold. I shoot them down and then blow their getaway car up with my stromberg. I deliver the gold and text 'gg" as it was fun and i enjoyed the challenge, get nothing but hostility back from him. Find out he is grumpy because i took 'his' gold 🤣 Anyway, him and his mate then proceed to start their own robbery job (after more abusive texts), so I waited patiently in the Akula until they were underway with the loot, blew them up and delivered the gold which really triggered him (queue numerous trash and pussy texts).


Went looking for trouble later on in fully loaded ruiner and found it. Ended up being spanked by two guys who outgunned me, skipped session to go back to bunker as I was done for the night and text them both to say well played and I know when i'm beat, and all they could muster up was 'trash' 'gaaaaaay' 'ruiner trash' etc. 


Baffles me that people can't just acknowledge something was a bit of fun and move on. 😏

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Big Molio

I fell for my own trick today, and in the words of Vincent Vega "I should have f*cking better known better"


I was bringing the Business Battle Insurgent Pick Up back over through Vinewood, and saw this guy heading for me on Op2. He went off radar and I knew he was going to ambush me, so I changed the route and headed left. There he was, and I lost the thing...


What irks me most is that a) I thought I saw him zip past on the bike, but wasn't sure and b) I fell for it, when I do it all the time. I should have just sat tight until he appeared again.

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The other night I was running a popularity mission for my nightclub. I had to pick up some jerk and dodge the paparazzi. Well it was raining and I had the stretch Patriot (which handles like crap on DRY pavement) and I was having a hard time losing the last one. Normally I drive somewhat cautiously when I have passengers. Not this time. I was letting it all hang out and launched the bastard over one of the hills in Vinewood and as the back wheels are going over the roof of an oncoming Habanero I hear "YOO CAAALM DOOOOOWN!!!!"


I hope the stretch Patriot has brown upholstery. If not, it does now.


Don't complain about my driving, asshole. Did you die? No. So shut up.

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I get that the Itali GTO is new, but it seems every time I'm in one of my three (blue, yellow or champagne) I always get followed. LOL. I'm sometimes afraid to park somewhere if I have places to go or be at because people just notice the car. Be driving all around the map, someone follows and keeps following me.

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On 12/22/2018 at 2:54 AM, Barnie Spacullie said:

How stoned were you guys from a scale to  0 to Shloaded, when online switched to Snow. 


Shloaded +1, i guess?   seeing as i had my rebreather hooked into the hookah for weeks in anticipation?   8)


Edited by KazzMajol
too stoned to properly embed a link

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Did a heist went pretty smooth

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On the topic of snow I was on when it changed. People kept getting kicked from my session and I saw the literal second it changed from normal to snow, that was weird as sh*t. Literally like somebody flipping a switch.


In today's news, I did casual VIP jobs with my friend Gomul115 in a small session, making 300k+. We were doing Piracy Prevention, using the Up n' Atomizer to fling ourselves into the hottub like some bootleg diving competition. Gomul accidently killed himself going into the hot tub at low health when a rival CEO and their associate full force smashed into the Yacht, right next to me, in an Annilhilator. They didn't kill me, but it was funny as hell to see some random just jihad into the helipad of my Yacht, slipping off right after right next to me. They also attacked us during a Fortified later (as we sent them running for attempting to take over our yacht) and we successfully defended the Boxville. They played really badly and were no challenge for us.

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