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Rockstar's system is off again.. Just completed two hangar fetches and they don't get added to the inventory… 'Cargo delivered' and a phonecall from Ron, but no added value to my Hangar...

Tried twice, as I wanted to know if first was just a lone miss, but nop... second was same… Guess I won't be doing anymore smuggler's collects.. Damn waste of time... Were nice missions though.. But no result… Pffff

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3 jet griefers in the room. They are giving 1 paticular guy on an oppresser a real hard time. The jet griefers also try to take a kill on me but fail. I go ghost and get my Chernobog anti aircraft. This thing has never failed me yet, it always get's the jets for me. So i wait for it to be deliverd, set it up, hop in the back, all 3 jets are in the perfect place, then just as i get a lock the guy on the oppresser, they guy i'm trying to save from being griefed by 3 jets, sees me, rolls up beside me, then does the stupid thing of taking a super easy kill on me! My ghost runs out as i spawn back in and the 3 jets just totally annihilate us both. I said to him "Wtf are you doing you total donkey!!!! I had all the 3 of them. You have just allowed them to continue griefing us. You fuc*ing braindead knobber." And he was frustrated that he was being griefed by the jets! lol  The stupidity of some of the community still amazes me 5yrs on.

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Bruce Khansey

Just completed Act III Finale on hard and finally finished with the Doomsday Heist.


I still much rather do the normal heists, but the payouts of Act III and the chance to do all the setups and final heist even with just two players.. too tempting.

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