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[PDLS] ♣ Pay Day Los Santos ♣ [PSN]

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Recruiting Status - Open



♣ In Liberty City, we were the most feared crew for miles around. We had countless members, lots of turf and nice houses. After years of living in luxury, we got to lazy, going the easy was in robberies. Then one day, one of our major Robberies went south. with 2 crews going for the same score at the same time, sh*t was about to get messy. It all ended with alot of members down and the The Highway Reapers walking away clean, after bribing the cops. ♣

♣ When we got out of prison, we needed to start fresh, so we changed our color, cars and location. But, we couldn't think of a location that didn't have warrants for us ♣

Then it hit me, Los Santos ♣



The_warbsta - Vinewood hills

TheSpaceSloth - Vinewood hills

BIG-_-TROY99 - Vehicle

Bouncyrocket - Vehicle

BIGL_333 - Vehicle

MrFrostos - Unknown

Tomy_45_ - Vehicle

Kyle2803 - Unknown


The_warbsta - Adder, Cheetah, Entity XF and more.

TheSpaceSloth - Z-Type, Adder, Cheetah and more.

BIG-_-TROY - Modded Sultan

BouncyRocket - Modded Sultan

BIGL_333 - Unknown

Tomy_45_ - Unknown

MrFrostos - Unknown

Kyle2803 - Unknown

*We are legit, alot of you may not believe this, but we didn't exploit to get these cars, we do however do not care if you exploit.*


The_warbsta - Main Sniper & Gunman

Over watches area and takes out cops

Bouncyrocket - Main Gunman & Drawing off cops

Eliminates any threats

BIG-_-TROY99 - Crew Guard

Makes sure nobody blocks us

TheSpaceSloth - Main Driver

Eliminates any threats

BIGL_333 - Gunman

Eliminates any threats

Kyle2803 - Crew Pilot

Flies the crew to areas and gets them out of the area

Tomy_45_ - Crowd Control (Currently Unavailable)

Makes sure no hero's try to make a move

MrFrostos - Unknown (Currently Unavailable)

Currently in training

  1. Rank? - Answer here
    Vehicles? - Answer here
    Name? - (Optional) Answer here
    Age? - Answer here
    House? - Answer here
    Previous Gangs? - Answer here
    GTA Forums Username? - Answer here
    Best skills? - Answer here
    ​PlayStation Network Username? - Answer here
    R* Social Club Username? - Answer here
    Time zone? - Answer here
    What are you vehicles and colors? - Answer here
    Weapons/Attachments? - Answer here
    Have you ever been in the Dunce Pool? - Answer here


Bank of Liberty

Status: Failed

Approach: Loud

Take: $0


THR were also doing the robbery.

Deaths: 2 Citizen, 3 Police, 8 Members

Future Plans: Never Return

Crew Cut Each: %0 each

Pacific Standard Public Depository Bank

Status: Planning in Process

Approach: TBA

Take: TBA

Notes: TBA

Deaths: TBA

Future Plans: TBA

Crew Cut Each: TBA

24/7s and Gas Stations

Status: Robbed

Approach: Loud

Take: N/A

Notes: Ussually petty money

Deaths: Unknown

Future Plans: TBA

Crew Cut Each:

The_warbsta - %25

TheSpaceSloth - %25

Bouncyrocket - %25

BIG-_-TROY99 - %25


Please private message me on this forum if you have any questions, want to sign up or anything else. My PSN is the_warbsta, My Social Club is the_warbsta and My GTAForums is the_warbsta for your convenience

Thanks To:

MrPetyMax for Logo and Sig

Mr. Reaper For Headers

Bought to you by...


Edited by the_warbsta

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New member!


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Rank? - 28
Vehicles? - Cheetah, Elegy, Adder, etc.
Name? - eurynox
Age? - 23
House? - Vinewood
Previous Gangs? - Nope
GTA Forums Username? - eurynox
Best skills? - driving and mayhem
​PlayStation Network Username? - eurynox
R* Social Club Username? - eurynox
Time zone? - GMT +1
What are you vehicles and colors? - All sorts (got three in dew yellow tho)
Weapons/Attachments? - Rifle (Scope, Flashlight)
Have you ever been in the Dunce Pool? - Nope

Edited by eurynox

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Rank? - 85

Vehicles? - Entity, Police Riot, Buffalo 2, Sultan

Name? - (Optional)

Age? - 25

House? - Vinewood Hills

Previous Gangs? - Toxic Inferno

GTA Forums Username? - FenixL

Best skills? - Pilot

​PlayStation Network Username? - FenixLegend

R* Social Club Username? - FenixL

Time zone? - -04:30

What are you vehicles and colors? - All sort and diferent colors

Weapons/Attachments? - All to lvl 85 with all the attachments

Have you ever been in the Dunce Pool? - Never

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