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Vice City on IOS glitch



ok so heres my situation, im trying to get 100% on vice city on my ipad, so i finished collecting the packages, vigilante missions, e.t.c. The problem is when i was doing the unique stunt jumps there was one stunt jump left (it was the one in little haiti) and for some reason i wasnt getting the unique stunt bonus. i thought it was a glitch so i reloaded one of my saves wayyy back when i first unlocked the 2nd island and tried doing the same stunt jump and sure enough i completed it. so is there anyway to fix this without starting all over?

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6 answers to this question

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Please post your save file-- you can upload it to this site-- http://gtasnp.com/


After you upload it, the site will give you a link-- please post the link back here--- the 5th post in this thread describes how to get you save off of your i(device) if you don't know how-- http://gtaforums.com/topic/537365-ios-no-missions-available/


Also-- please indicate which unique jump you are referring to... http://www.gtavice.com/stunts/


I do seem to recall someone having a little haiti jump be a pain to register on IOS-- are you getting any message at all when you attempt it.




I was wrong-- this was the post I was remembering and they thought they were having issues-- it ended up being another jump they were missing (as I hope is your case)--


Please upload-- I can examine save with a program that will indicate missing jumps.

Edited by Spuds725

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See link in my above post... It has instructions on how to do on IOS.


I use android.... I can just use a file manager and share it to email to myself or upload to Dropbox.

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sorry for the late reply but i read a previous post that had the same problem as i was so i did all the stunt jumps again it turns out i didnt complete one of the stunt jumps for the g spotlight mission, so now i have all the stunt jumps completed. thanks for your help! :)

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Cool-- the game is kind of buggy on jumps-- at least with giving the "already completed" message.

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Do Quoc Hung

Can you help me ? In the mobile version i cannot do the running punch. When i go to the ped and perform the running punch but it don’t hit the ped. And I can’t use the meat cleaver, when I fighting ped with the meat cleaver, i press the attack button but Tommy just stand still and doesn’t do anything 

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