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Evo X Ali

The update 1.04 just messed up my cash!


Evo X Ali

Everything was working fine after the 1.02 update but just after updating to 1.04 on 18th Oct i'm having trouble saving cash... it seems to be a 24hr lag or something??

i don't know what the problem is but here's the explanation of the whole thing:

After the update on 18th Oct i had around 19,000 at the start of the session. i did jobs then i had around 69,000 then i quit and it saved, after i came back online and saw my money was back to 19,000 just like at the start of the previous session but everything else e.g. clothes, cars etc weren't back to the way they were at the start of that session, they were all just like it saved them at the end of that session when i had 69,000.

Then on 19th Oct, i went online and the money was back to 69,000. so i was relieved, then i did some more missions and my total became 79,000, after that i had to go, then i came back online and my money went back to 69,000 which was at the start of the session but again all the other changes that happened in the game like cars, clothes etc were saved exactly like they were at the end of the session when i had 79,000. So why is the money resetting to the previous session and everything else is saving normally??

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2 answers to this question

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Evo X Ali

is this happening to anyone else?

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Happend to me today

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