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cars vanishing, days till FUS recovers?

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OK I am getting fed up with rides vanishing outa garages! Yes im upset even a bati 801 I purchased on the net went poof in like 3 in-game days and it wasn't wasted. Is this a known glitch? It happens to me with or w/o the patch.

2nd is it total random when FUS recovers after the molley mission? Anywhere from 3 in-game days to a whole in-game week?


PS, did anyone else have trouble on lamar down? my last mission



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Yeah it is a pretty widely known problem thus far. I assume you mean safehouse garages as I haven't had any problem with any character's walk in garages yet. Also Michael's or Trevor's safehouse one has never vanished one for me, though neither of Frank's garages will keep a car for more than two minutes.

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Also have had this issue, in offline mode that is.
Since day one I haven't been able to keep a random done up car in my garage

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All garages safe house and walk in all characters. Well least I know its a kown problem seems I have it bad. Had 2 corquetts and more vanish from mikes. Don't matter in my game whos it is they don't hold rides house & walk-in.. No aswer on the 2nd question probably bc it is a mild spoiler. Answer to FUS question after meltdown completion FUS got good again $135.?? bought @ 68 aprox. made some $ then thx 4 the mild spoiler thread. Wish I would have seen b4 1st heist.

Edited by morpheus47

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