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Why does everything require such high levels, maybe a change?

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Rusty Shackleford

QQ moar

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it kind of sucks that I have dozens of hours in this game and have yet to fire a RPG online

but I find that once you reach the double digits it's no too bad as most of the lower level weapons are quite capable of killing other players


but it's still stupid they can just put a guy with nothing but a pistol up against a fully armourerd minigun wielding 100+

DM should just be about skills, every starts the same and just pick up guns as you go

would also allow for certain weapon settings which could add a lot of variety (pistols only, explosives etc.)

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Go play a game of survival. You can pick up and keep every weapon that you haven't unlocked yet for free and keep it for the duration of your session online. You can also pick up weapons and items from crates and in missions. Higher ranks only real advantage is being able to buy attachments and camo for the same weapons.

This. In one session in the railroad survival mission, earned 6 levels in a single survival session. I got up to lvl 14 going completely solo against a legion of AI cops, with snipers in choppers to boot. Picked up a machine gun around lvl 10 wave and a decent upgraded sniper rifle with scope. This helped out quite a bit with the next couple of AI waves and in missions after that.

Edited by PkUnzipper

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I support the idea of survivals when you first jump on. Works well for my group. We have tons of weapons to mess with and don't have to buy them. Or just have high level friends that will drop ammo and guns for you. Lol.

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