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[PS3] Car Meets: Updated Regularly


Recommended Posts

Add me, Doozalx or TiimeP On ps3

Car meeting and probably a cruise and go out on the bikes.
You should know the rules by now, if not, not killing or acting the goat otherwise you get kicked :)

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Hey guys, name is ubererchris, I am an ingame obey fan.I have the 9f cabrio and the tailgater, would love to meet up. add me on psn and let me know whats going on

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  • 3 weeks later...

Holding a meeting a special meeting on 2-12-13 (Monday)


REASON: Its a memorial meeting for Paul Walker, an actor who is famous for playing in the Fast and the furious series. A time will be posted when im done with school monday.

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The meeting will be held 9:00 GMT 1+ (21:00) and 8:00 GMT for english people.


Rules are if you troll you will be kicked right away,

First we gather people for 15 minutes at a parking place, u will see it when ur in the session.

its an memorial meeting for Paul Walker, so there will be a 2 minutes silence,

then a minute of heavy noise of our cars giving gass and stuff. Then we will cruise arround the map. then we see from there. Send an friend request to TiiMeP on PS3

Crew members will be invited first so make sure your in the Crew meet society

Edited by TiiMeP
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Due inactivity. Meeting will be canceled and will be hold another day.People just join and leave. or disconnects, Anyways its now just a fun lobby just ask for an invite by sneding me a friend request TiiMeP

Edited by TiiMeP
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Car Meeting, 14:30 (2:30PM) So in 30 minutes i begin to send invites, want to join? just send an friend request to TiiMeP or join the Crew Meet Society Crew



EDIT: Meeting changed to fun session due tomuch trollers.

Edited by TiiMeP
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it was sh*t tbh, too many little kids

Thats why i normaly host arround 9:30 PM,But like 6 people asked me to hold one, and then they didnt show up when i actually did it.

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NEW MEETING WILL BE HOSTED AT 8:30 (20:30) GMT 1+ (3 hours and 30 minutes from this message)

It will be a JDM Only meeting, so NO Super cars or whatever, just street cars like the Sultan Elegy, Sentinel XS etc etc,


i will focus on how you drive, if you cant drive properly you will be kicked, things you must watch is your speed, we drive in a line with me on top, so watch the guy in front of you!! so you wont bump into eachother, then we will do some random games or races or whatever, which you can win prices with

200K and a modified streetcar of your choice


100k Second place


50k 3rd Place

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  • 1 year later...
  • 2 months later...

Hey guys, said over a year ago I would be back when heist came out...well the day has come. I'll be online shortly

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