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Level 80.. Can't Call Lester/Ron/Martin/Merryweather


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My buddy Can't call Lester/Ron/Martin/Merryweather for jobs or assistance yethe is a level 80.


He has always played missions in the Crew with us as I am a Level 79 and our other friend is a 75 and we can call everyone but he can't any ideas or anyone know how to fix this?

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Chairforcekilla I've got a similar problem,jobs are broken for me.only started today everything was fine yesterday so now it's unplayable.seems the update did more bad than good but hey,they only had 5 years to make this game.

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he has never been able to .. I think it is bc our other friend and I were always the hosts and he always joined.. he has now started hosting all the low level missions he never hosted in hopes to unlock the content

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He may have been using a glitch when he leveled up to the level required to perform these operations. Jumping to the ps store halts the unlock messages and may have affected his progress.

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I noticed this when I didn't get crate jobs for awhile. It is best for him to WAIT AROUND until they start calling him for missions and just do all of them that come up. Eventually they will start to unlock. Probably what happened during your crew missions is he "skipped" some of the missions he needed beforehand. Those missions might count though when he finishes the previous ones? So just let him wait around in free roam and just do all the mission pop-ups.

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