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Need players on PS3 to rank up with and start a crew.


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This thread is to find people on PS3 with mics and want to start a crew and earn a lot of money RP doing various missions, playlists, races and heists ( when available)


​preferably ranks 20+ ( but any will be considered)

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Im looking for the same, i already made my crew and have 3 friends in it. But they are never all on at the same time and dont play enough. Add me if u wanna join, my psn id is TERMINALD and my crew is Project Capital.

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SC: Unseen Enigma


PSN: Unseen_Bull


Mic: Yeah


Rank: Hi-20's


Just tryna get $, rank up n do missions. All that other extra sh*t is for the birds.

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Sounds good boys, Im all for ranking up/missions etc. but by god, I cant resist a few airlifts using the Cargobob here and there




Rank 24


Mic - Yes


Add me!

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i need someone like you at around ur level to join with on ur missions so i can level up a lil faster im level 28 and have mic im in a crew i started but am willing to join others for the f*ck of it , are you down? and yes in have a mic

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rank 44 here will be doing some missions in next 20 minutes got a crew aswell a.d a headset.


highest paying mission $12.500 due to new patch


$20.000 highest paying activity


psn. XxGetty2k12xX

Edited by SteveG
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Hi my name is Josh, i would love to be in a ps3 GTA v crew! i have a mic and am a great helicopter and plane flyer. I really want to join a crew but my friends have too many members in their crew. I am rank 7 or 8 and am 14. I am rank 7 or 8 because i dont play much online, but i want to! Please message me back

-Josh (psn is Jetfighter07)

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Rank: 37


Mic: Yes


Would love to be in a 3rd Crew!


As higher ranked player, I can get you access to higher paying Missions!

Edited by SuperD123
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I'm looking for more people to game with on PS3. Already have a crew that anyone is welcome to join.


PSN: TmoTyler

Have a mic.

Level 60

I'll play whatever. Mainly missions, racing, survival, etc. Anything for money and levels.

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Is the crew created?


Is the plan to play around in closed crew sessions?

Atm lvl 34 and have mic.


I always play in closed session because i can't freeking stand the player kill player stuff.

Realy love the "coop" stuff


psn: fam_hanssen

Edited by frohanss
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R* Social/PSN:MelloGreenJello

Level: Mid-40s

Mic: Yes, but I'd appreciate a heads up if you want me to use it.

I usually just hang around public lobbies and just accept invites from randoms or do closed lobbies with those in my crew. I'm open to most things, but I dislike those multi-team-based competitive missions

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Rank - 22

Mic - Yes (Use it when ill need, but usally chat through a room on PS Menu)

PSN - MuZz345


I will do anything, any missions just hate playing with children.


(I am 22)

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Rank 71


AGE: 25


I don't care if you want to do missions or not, just leave the f*cking killing for the deathmatches.

Unless otherwise planned to do so in free roam. Jesus Christ!


PSN: ProFactoryInc


Let's make money and have fun.

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hey guys, sorry for the long reply! ive just started a new crew named 'Shutter' ill add you all on ps3, then ill invite you to the crew via the game, im sick of trying to do missions, and only doing them solo or have people leave instantly. you get far more money working as a team and rank up much faster.


My PSN is: pacificsurf


Rank: 36 ( apartment, 10 car garage, advanced weapons)


Mic: yes


See you all on soon!


P.s ive been having a few problems the past few days with the new patch, mainly the game not being able to save data, but im confident this is only a temp set back so when this is fixed i am online most days/nights!

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Hey I'm Lvl 15 because mostly play at night and weekends and it's always on my own. If u wanna add me my psn is xx-cubas93-xx. Got a mic too lemme know.

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