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stuck in 'late checkout' at wanted level

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in late chkout mission, i did it by different ways, going from elevator, by helicopter from top, but after killing every1 when i have to escape from hotel, got 2 stars, but cant remove them. everytime i m in center of the radar,,,,,, i tried pay n spray, killing cops, cheats, etc but in vain,,,


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Detective Phelps

Restart the mission. Bring a fast car; it will help with your escape. As for staying at the centre of the police search, that glitch should be gone if you restart the mission, or if you reload from a previous save.

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There's a good tactic for this.


1. Get a helicopter


2. Fly it to the hotel and land in the street in front.


3. Get out of the helicopter and activate the icon on foot.


4. Get back into the helicopter and fly to a building, the rooftop of which overlooks the hotel roof.


5. Eliminate all the rooftop guards with a sniper rifle.


6. Fly and land your helicopter on the hotel roof.


7. Fight your way down to the hotel suite and kill all the enemies.


8. Once they're all dead, return to the rooftop and fly away in the helicopter - you'll lose your wanted level in less than half a minute.

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