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Turkey Lips

Why "Bad Sport" Needs tweaked...

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Turkey Lips

I feel that its a good idea, but it should be a search preference and not make it called "Bad Sport". I don't think it was implemented in the proper way due to the fact there are too many situations where people are labeled as bad sports simply for defending themselves. Example: If you have a bounty on your head and are being chased by other players who just happen to be in their personal vehicles and you blow them up defending yourself, you somehow are the bad sport for defending yourself..Not only does this hapen far to often the punishment time is far too steep beginning at 2 days..Atleast give players to option to search for sessions with sportsmanship regulation on or off, Such as a Hardcore mode for players such as myself who play for the chaos and players trying to have a more laid back experience like i mentioned earlier a casual mde, most people think "Bad Sport" is working properly, but their are just too many situations where you have to take a death just because you dont want to blow up someones car and get labeled as a bad sport, really hope there are some modifications to this system.

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Sorry but did you miss out completely on the entire passive mode system or am I misunderstanding something here... :miranda: lol

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I hated when players would wait for me to leave my apartment just to kill me so i started to play in invite only sessions. So if you dont like being killed by others then do that like i did.

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