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Disappearing Haircuts

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This has been mentioned in the past, but I've had a search and no one seems to have found a found a solution as yet, so I thought I'd bring it back up.


When my character puts a mask on and takes it off again, his hair disappears resulting in a shiny white dome. Does this happen to anyone else, and have you found any cure for this spontanious alopecia i.e. using a different mask or original hairstyle? Until the DLC of Just for Men comes out in the 7/11, I think I may have to accept that my guy looks like the Hitman/Karl Pilkington

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Mine did this so I kept it. I shave my head so it fits.

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I have that problem too... Since then I've stopped using masks, my haircut costs +$500,00 so stealing +/-$1200,00-500= $700,00 (btw masks don't do much difference, if I go on a robbing spree, after 4 shops I get 4 stars wanted level)

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Yeah it's a weird glitch. Haven't found a workaround yet, and it also bothers me that I have to pay for the same haircut every time. I have paid over 10000 now for the dreadlocks (even when it's my current haircut!!), so then I chose a cheaper hairstyle. Oh and I don't wear masks anymore.


The other thing that bothers me:

When I went to LS Customs to mod my car, I bought some acceleration upgrades. However, I also bought the turbo. I noticed my tires slip each time I accelerate, unless I touch the R2 button softly. Now I wanted to see how it is without the turbo upgrade, and took the stock option. I noticed it wasn't a big difference, and when I got back to buy the turbo again it cost me again $42500!! Is this supposed to be like this or just not worked out well yet? Because it costs a lot to switch between different upgrades while you have bought them already.


Anyone else troubled by this?

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get a haircut with mask equipped. You will keep your mask on after the haircut along with your new hair

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