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Rob banks in freemode

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So here's my suggestion, I got the idea from a SA:MP server I played back in the days.

There is a bank(or more than one) that holds an increasingly larger sum of money, say 1,000*(number of players in server) per minute.

For grinding purposes this isn't available in any session except for random freeroam(no invite only/solo), or at least it won't be worth it, with 1000 a minute lol

A player can rob the bank either alone or team up with people, say up to 4. They rob the bank and each gets an even split of the sum and a duffle bag(or kit bag, whatever you like to call it), then they become marked on the map by a color, say YELLOW or something, similar to bounty being red, they get a 4-5 star wanted level that does not go away until a timer runs out.

They have to survive the police and players until the timer runs out, when the timer runs out they can store the money in the bank and the police can be lost. If a robber dies he loses the duffle bag with the money and someone else can pick it up(a robber can't hold more than 1 duffle bag, so no betraying).

If a player kills a robber and picks up the bag with the money, the timer transfers over to him and he has to survive the remaining minutes and becomes a robber himself.

The timer is displayed to all players in the server, saying "Time until robbers get away: x:xx. Robbers are: player1,2,3,4"

Of course this is idea needs lots of balancing, flying off in a jet isn't fair because it's almost impossible to kill you then. it needs to be properly balanced but I loved doing this in SA:MP and should definitely be added to GTA Online.

Whoever holds the money when the timer runs out, gets to keep it.

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Might be too easy if players are attacking, unless some weapons are restricted (RPG's, nades)

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