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Recommended Posts


If you agree with these suggestions or have any of your own, send an email to [email protected]


Got a new suggestion? post it here.


1. The ability to sell or give a car away to a friend or crew member.

2. The ability to sell a car on the in game internet. (Purchased cars only)

3. Constant growing of side games such as but not limited to "Demolition Derby" "Paintball Gun Fight" EXC

4. Add more and more building interiors as time goes by.

5. Ability to purchase and keep 1 garage and 1 apartment.

6. When killed by a player in free roam, first to shoot pays the bill.

7. A player friendly server where killing players results in "Bad Sport"

8. Customize your property interior. Apartment/Garage

9. Forgive a player. "Bad Sport - A player has forgiven you this time"

10. Improve physics of motorcycle, off road and tank.

11. Chrome as option for rims.

12. Tire size and lift kits.

13. More character customization options. (Not just clothes)

14. Ability to change hair & Makeup in apartment. (Fees may apply)

15. Tweak characters settings on whose side of the family resembles who the most.


Cheaters Pool Servers


I hear talk about this server for cheaters...


A 10 second warning should cover the screen before you can close it. It should say that what you are doing has been identified as cheating and warn you to stop. Contact so and so if this is an error.


They should put glitchers and cheaters in separate servers from modders so that they can not benefit from a modded perk.

Edited by PSN-Blackhawk_1989

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I sent an email to rockstar today suggesting that players should be able to forgive eachother before bad sports points are given out.


So lets say I destroy your car, you will get a prompt asking if you want to forgive Deffpony, and if you say yes I wont get the BS points, if you say no I will.


This could help when just milling around with friends and accidents occur.

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@Deffpony: forgot about that one, thanks

Edited by PSN-Blackhawk_1989

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