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Bad Sport Passive Mode Solution

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Its pretty obvious that the passive mode and bad sport systems are broken. I recently got put into a bad sport lobby for blowing up peoples cars defending myself for doing the following...


One example is one asshole trying to run be over while I walked away from my xbox and was in passive mode right after doing a mission. (So I drove his car into the ocean)


Other was when some jerk kept spawn killing me running me over and over in a car when I was trying to rob a store. (So I c4ed him in the car while killing myself)


Another time some dick parked his car right front of the customs door and was camping on the roof trying to kill me right when I got out of the shop. (So I blew up his car in rage after he killed me)


Another bad example is I got a bad sport for leaving tennis after the first time playing it cos I got sick of it after 3 sets. (I leave early and get a bad sport)




So heres my suggestion is first with passive mode. If you are in passive mode you should not be able to get or give damage in your car or on foot to any other online player. This goes both was you should not be able to run people over while in passive mode either. Make passive mode people not able to interact with reg people at all. I mean no damage to your car and no health taken away for people running you over. It should be you can not deal any damage to other players you cant kill each or get killed be anyone other online in any situation.



Here is my Bad Sports solution. After playing in this bad sports lobby I am a glad that MOST of these players are not allowed in regular lobbies. But blowing up a car is not how you judge it. Heres some ideas how to judge bad sports..


make an option like how you kick people for the lobby if enough people vote you as an ass in the lobby then you go to the bad sport lobby.


Same thing with right after a mission if one guy is not doing the object you should be able to vote him a bad sport.


Also if one guy kills you over and over there should be first a warning to him and if he continues the player he keeps killing should be able to vote him a bad sport.


The blowing up the car thing is annoying as sh*t I know heres how I would fix it. If someone blows up the same car three times in the time of a day the guy whos car gets blown up should be able to vote him bad sport. But the guy blowing up the car should get an warning after the second time he blows up the car.




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