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HoSc Assassin

(Xbox360) looking to join a crew now

Recommended Posts

HoSc Assassin

britsh speaking with good head set's. I'm looking to join a crew so i can work my way up and help out as much as poss i am a very good skilled driver rarely crash. team work is important. need a crew today. my gamer tag is Nightassassinn so if your a crew leader add my and my social club link is




ignore the crew it says i'm in

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Crew Description:

Illuminati Elites is a organization that was founded for the sole purpose of bringing together mature GTA Online players. We have our own website that we use to keep in contact and plan events. We are one of the only crews that organizes events and maintains member activity, so when you see a crew of 30 people, you're seeing a crew of 30 ACTIVE players that are in an open party with each other almost every night. We run our operations out of Maze Bank and do not hesitate to call ourselves one of the best. You join us, you get a dominant community full of mature members that are comfortable playing with one another.

Crew Requirements:
  • Character Level: 1
  • Members must always display their active crew as Illuminati Elites (ELTE). Failure to do so will result in a kick.
  • Members must be fluent in the English language and display an acceptable level of maturity.
Crew Rules:
  • Act professional at all times. No trolling.
  • No sabotage. Don't kill other crew members unless given explicit permission. This includes bounties.
  • No arguing in a party. Move to a private chat or be kicked.
How to Join:

1) In order to join, first request an invite on the Social Club Page: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/illuminati_elite
2) Using the forums are nominal, but event planning and information can be found there, so it is recommended: http://illuminatielite.tk/
3) After you request an invite, add one or all of our commissioners/leaders/lieutenants on xbox live and put Illuminati Elite in the request text.
4) Once you have the correct people added, just join the party and announce that you are attempting to join the Crew. We will then accept your invite.

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Join 'LS Mafia Famiglia' NOW!


We are a fun loving, chaos creating, street racing, order keeping crew that enjoy missions, races and even Mafia Roleplay! We have an epic emblem aswell! The Mafia Bosses give out assasination missions to lower ranks and give big payouts upon completion. The leaders and top dogs are millionares so you will never be short of private missions.


We like to keep order on the streets for our crew, whilst rolling as the LS Mafia together. If you interested in joining this fantastic crew please go to the page below!


Only requirement is that when you are with us you are in your Mafia attire (suits, hats, shoes etc...)


CHECK OUT OUR AMAZING MAFIA EMBLEM! AND JOIN THE MAFIA! - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ls_mafia_famiglia

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