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[PS3] Car Meet: Dark Dream Ent

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memz, the meet was being hosted by guapobean (rustyramen1) and he doesn't have a mic but he texted me and i was talking in his name. i asked people to gather, not my fault if they go somewhere else. i also warned you several times. i could swear it was you who blew me out of the sky with your jet when i finally managed to get the cargo plane out of the base, i assume other players went after you because i saw jets dogfighting afterwards. i think even that is no excuse to shoot everyone on sight when you respawn man. harris apologized, justinpeno stopped when i asked him to


about the killing before that, i don't know what happened, if you want to defend yourself 'fuk u i didn't start it' isn't really going to do it imo


and if by trolling you mean 'getting killed over and over'', yes , then you sure trolled hard man

Edited by vince91
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okay.. people were all over tonight.. there were a lot of moments were people had to wait a long time for others to finally stop f*cking around so we could continue, if a hosts asks something please try not to keep half of the lobby waiting mmmkay?


dreamer, can i ask you to ban memmzxxx (or something similar)? he has been killing a lot with a jet and a sniper. it caused some confusion and some others started randomly shooting as well but they stopped and some apologized. that memmz guy however, did not. had to spawn kill him until he left the server and by then most of the people left because of the mess.


GTcharged, you don't need an invite. if it didn't came trough or it expired just select host (rustyraman) in the crew menu and choose 'join game'


anyways, here are a few pics








never got to take a pic of everyone together tho..

Fuk u, som1 tried shooting my jet down (no it was not a AI jet) so i took them down, then people started killing way before I killed anyone, Cant remember his psn but he killed many peeps before me, I just finished it, I left because the group had no organisation it was a joke to host a group with no mic, thats y peeps started killin as they were bored, I do not troll peeps unless they deserve it,


No one deserves to be trolled in my crew and my host don't deserve a f*ck you. You assholes have to realize I have nearly 300 members, if you just slightly act like a dick I'll boot you and I could care less. So don't do it again or you're gone. I'm going to give you some leeway since the meet seemed out of control so chaos was bound to happen.


edit: To everyone else I'm sorry the meet didn't go well. It seemed to be a combination of R* servers f*cking up and Guapo not having a mic to organize. I wish things went better.

Edited by dream3r
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The meets have cyber e-thugs now that make it their goal to destroy these meets. The last meet i went to 4-5 days ago was filled with "n*ga" and racist trolls for painting my car yellow lol. I couldnt figure out who was who on the mics because it was too chaotic. 1 griefer is manageable but that session had like 3-4 lol.

Edited by Vietnam1
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Anyone open for a car meet now? I'll try to get something going. add/msg me on psn- Wtfwhy



That spontaneous meet was hella fun. I had to leave after a few of the improve races, can't wait to see the pics!

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We're maxed out as far as members goes guys XD I don't know if I should be mad or happy haha


happy i guess :p i noticed the lobby of the last meet was pretty much full.


if you kick some inactive ones and trolls over time there is still room for more decent members so we can still grow, no need to be mad ;)

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Here's some pics from the last minute meet last night.






Was pretty fun guys, remember even if you're in the crew, you should still add me on psn-wtfwhy

Crews are still messed up, so it doesn't show all the members, it really only shows 20% of our crew members, so add me if you want a guaranteed invite to any of the meets I host, you should add others who host often as well.

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Anything coming up anytime soon ?


I think I'll host a meet this weekend but other than that no, not yet. Most people tend to just let me know hours before. For example, their plans for the night get cancelled, they have nothing else to do. "Hey I might as well host a meet those are fun." And then we end up here.


Now I do want to do something special to celebrate 300 members but I'm not sure what just yet.

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I'm thinking I'm going to host a meet tonight, about 6pm PST (1.5hrs from the time of this post)
Add me for guaranteed invite on PSN-wtfwhy

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Dang! I want in on this


hey, unfortunatly the crew is full (we invite using the crew system). when dream3r has to kick some trolls from the crew i'll PM you if i remember. this might not take long, it seems we still have a bunch of people who joined for no other reason than to disturb the meetings

Edited by vince91
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We need to get rid of Harris, he ruins all the meets. He blew up everybodies cars twice while we were in a line, he didn't get bad sport but he needs to be kicked.

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We need to get rid of Harris, he ruins all the meets. He blew up everybodies cars twice while we were in a line, he didn't get bad sport but he needs to be kicked.


at the meet you hosted last week he went rambo to but he apologized afterwards. however, i warned him a few times over the mic. appearently he's doing it again so i agree with you


there are other people waiting to join who are more worthy

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Well I'm always respectful of the rules laid for the for the lobby and down for pretty much anything love rock crawling, fighter jet battles, races, whatever's going on I just like to get into a lobby of like minded people n have a good time. I play 5-11:30pm PST pretty much everyday so feel free to hit me up anyone.



Edited by StayTrue
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