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Emerald Greens Loyalty. Become affiliated with Grove St Families!

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Grove St has been in decline for over twenty years now and in that time the Ballas have taken over our home turf. No more money will be made on our turf unless its ours. We stop the Ballas and disrupt their income, derail all other gun distributors and paint the streets that were once ours green again.

Emerald Greens will hold down South Central Los Santos and continue to expand its turf. We will earn money and complete jobs however we feel is necessary. Emerald Greens is a professional street organization an any actions detrimental to the Family will be handled accordingly.

We are a professional Crew, no blood is better than messy money, meaning we will not go out of our way to spoil others experiences by committing pointless murder, robberies and/or vandalism of any other players or their properties. However, we will guard and protect South Central Los Santos from any outsiders and other Crews. If another player or Crew member is trespassing on our turf they shall be dealt with.

Emerald Greens will work together making money, depleting oppositions and expanding our territory. If any problems occur with any other players from outside crews place a bounty on them and the appropriate member will take care of them.

We will wear green and grey. Be sure to represent Emerald Greens and the Grove Street Families heavily in the streets and let people know who you're a part of. I will be purchasing a house somewhere in South Central Los Santos close to where Franklins ain't lived and I strongly encourage you to do the same.


The Crew social class works as follows:



These members are new to Los Santos and are interested in being a part of Emerald Greens Families. Get used to the city and learn your way around.



Associates are friends of Emerald Greens but still have proving to do. Put a small amount of work in to prove your loyalty and the next level shouldn't be an issue.



This is where you become an official part of Emerald Greens and the Grove Street Families. Put work in on the streets and spill some blood for the crew and begin wearing your colors.



You're now affiliated with Emerald Greens. Don't act stupid and start making some money. Get a couple of weapons together so you can protect yourself and your turf.


Trigger Man

You're now the main muscle for Emerald Greens. Go out and take turf from other gangs and crews. Spill blood and act reckless against anyone in a different color. This position takes care of most bounties placed by our crew and will act as a hit man. Help other crew members in shoot outs, robberies and turf wars by letting your gun blast.



A more organized version of the Trigger Man, the Enforcer will keep others off of our turf and enforce Emerald Greens laws. Make sure our crew is acting professionally and remains organized. You're the one who will make outside players play the way we want to play if they're inside of our territory. Enforcers will also place most of the bounties on opposing players.



This position is about distributing money evenly throughout our crew and making sure there's peace amongst Emerald Greens Families. Up to this point, you've earned some seniority and have a say in they way people in your lobby are playing and how they go about business.



Representatives will always have our crew colors on and will let everyone know what crew they are a part of. Act as a scout and recruit others with the skill to Emerald Greens. Make sure you look good and give us a good representation wherever you go.


Shot Caller

As a shot caller, you will tell anyone from the Trigger Man level down to the Prospect level what to do and guide them through the beginning processes. You call the shots and make your plans organized. Its encouraged to move out of South Central Los Santos if you have the funds at this time. You will have a target on your head by other crews and will likely be notorious everywhere you go. Stay safe and keep raking in the cash.



Everyone should listen to what you have to say. You're good to go wherever you'd like and live anywhere. Don't lose track of where you came from and be sure to keep representing the Families. You're now the boss of anyone you're teamed up with.




I put this together trying to recreate a street gang similar to Grove St from San Andreas. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to play the game in any way shape or form, I just did this for fun. It's be co to get a gang going tho with everyone wearing green and working together making money. I know there's trolls that just like to kill people in free roam and there's people who like to play realistic an mess around, I tried to suit everyone's preferences with this crew and hope it creates enough steam to pick a couple members up.

Again, Idc how anyone plays the game but it would be ideal if people who like this idea to join and play along with me.

I honestly haven't played much gta online yet as I've been busy but I should be on alot more in the near future


My gamertag is Tconzz22 on xbox. Hit me up fellas.


Emerald Greens fo' lyfe!!! And don't forget your colors!!!

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