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World Marshal Private Security -- Now Hiring!

Recommended Posts


Do you enjoy protecting your country/state/city? Are you an economically-disadvantaged individual looking for work? Are you tired of the same old grind, wishing your life would be more exciting? Perhaps you should consider a fulfilling career in the wide world of private security!


With our newest office currently established in Downtown Los Santos, our efforts will continue to offer only the best in security measures and counterterrorism.


Interested? However, there are several requirements to becoming a contractor here at World Marshal! We don't pick anyone off the street you know.





* Must be on Xbox

* Must be adequate in the field you wish to apply for

* Minimum level required: 15 (open to discussion)

* Must have a polite, professional demeanor to upper and lower employees

* Must be a team player; intentional TKs and betrayals are zero-tolerance

* Must have a mic (for convenience sake, open to discussion)

* Must be fifteen years or older


Of course, we aren't a disorganized gaggle of gun toting imbeciles (such as Merryweather, for example)! We at World Marshal boast both the highest employee-employer approval ratings, and the highest degree of employee integration within our ranks. At the moment, we are accepting applications for the following positions, divided into three divisions:





* Rifleman

Baseline gunman. SMG and assault rifles.

* Long-Range

Downrange elimination. Sniper rifles.

* Assaultier

Brash, tough blitz unit. Shotguns, MGs and assault rifles.

* Reconnoiter (or, Recon)

Sneaky, behind-the-scenes combatant. Suppressed weapons.





* Air Support

Attack unit, provides fire for ground units. Buzzard, Annihilator.

* SES (Scorched Earth Squadron)

Ensures complete destruction of enemy forces. P-996 LAZER.

* PCU (Precious Cargo Unit)

Pickup/drop off of ground units or VIPs. Cargobob, Titan, Luxor.

* Surveillance

Relays field information to TLs and ground units. Maverick, Frogger.





* Transport

Transports ground units/VIPs/cargo. Granger, Stretch, Barracks.

* Escort

Escorts Transport units safely. Bati 801, Asterope, Buffalo.

* Armored Cavalry (ARMCAV)

Dominates the battlefield with superior firepower. Rhino Tank.

* Handler

Briefs/debriefs ground units; relays battlefield information.


To apply, send a message to the World Marshal San Andreas Division Director, Lance Volding (Gamertag: C0mpan1on Cub3) today! Alternatively, search the clan tag WMSC at the Rockstar Social Club, or apply directly at the link below.



Edited by DSO_BillV

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Quick Update: This forum topic, as well as the crew page over at the Rockstar Social Club, will be used to convey announcements and current events within the company.


This week (10/15/'13 - 10/22/'13), we at World Marshal Private Security, LLC would like to extend to potential employees a cordial invitation to join us! During this week, any accepted applicants will be automatically selected for a special raffle for a grand prize of $125,000; at the end of the week, the winner will be announced using a random number generator. Good luck!


-- Bill V.

DSO Deputy Director

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