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Looking for a crew? Proud to be an American?

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First off I would like to start this topic by saying I hope everyone is enjoying GTA V online! I know there are some bugs, however I am confident Rockstar is doing the best they can to handle everything and please everyone.

Now lets get down to business...

What would online gaming be without being able to play with your friends? Well it wouldn't, that my friends is what we have single player for. Online is for grouping up together and shooting other players in the ****s (no offense women).

So I would love for you all to check out the crew I made, "Stars N Stripes Mob". No you do not have to be an American to join, and no I will not tolerate anyone who isn't American, yet apart of our crew, being degraded. It is a crew open to everyone so feel free to join.

We are an All Star crew which means I do intend for us to do missions together, heists (when released), and all that good stuff.

I understand this is an M-Rated game, so I do not expect everyone to be all shucksy doodles sunshines and rainbows, but we all know the fine line between too far and funny.

I'm not going to set rules and expectations for everyone because Rockstar put in crews with the intentions of having fun, not me making you guys walk in a single file line marching up and down Los Santos.

I'm going to post the link on the bottom to the Social Club Crew page, if by chance you skipped all that and just came to the button...I probably would have done the same. You don't have to read it all, i'll just summarize: Don't be a ****.

Can't wait to see you guys on the streets of Los Santos. Finally, my gamer tag if needed to get ahold of me, or want to talk/game, is xDYLD0xBAGG1NSx.


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