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Money maxes out at 2,147,xxx,xxx ?

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I sold some shares with trevor and it got upto this. Then i sold with michael and i should have around 3 billion with him i think, but it got to the same amount...


I also know 2147 is some ICT number max so i guess its true.


I think this only counts towards cash in hand. So you can put money in shares and your net worth will be above that number.. Apparently excess shares are still in your account, it wont let you sell it. I put my 2,1 billion into another share and then i could sell the rest of my hawkandlittle profits

Edited by King_Curtis

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I Horizon'd my save file before doing the final heist. Since 2 billion is more than anyone would ever need, I didn't bother investing in the stock market. The money cap on Horizon is 2 billion, but the money from the last mission carried past that, so the most I've seen on MY characters is "only" 2.03 billion.

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It's a 32 bit limitation--- $2^31 = $2,147,483,648


I'm relatively certain that they never intended to go over $999,999,999 since all the dollar amounts over 1 billion are missing the "commas"


in my game I have $1800,000,000 vs $1,800,000,000


On earlier GTAs the money limit was always $999,999,999

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