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Join The LSCES Crew

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Join the Los Santos County Emergency Services Crew if you are interesting in role playing in Emergency services or just want to have some fun. We role play many different emergency scenarios in different parts of the Emergency services. We also do many Emergency Services in Blaine County and in and on the water all around Los Santos and Blaine Counties. There are a wide range of services from you to choose from to join in Fire, EMS, and Police. some of the things we role play are Cop Chases, Shoot outs, Patrols, EMS, Fire, etc. We are a professional group, but have fun at the same time and all get along well. We are a pretty straight forward crew, but we do have some rules to keep everything in order and the can be found at the bottom of this post and on our website. If you are interested in joining and want to fill out an application or want to learn more about the clan and the wide range of services for you to choose to join, feel free to visit our website at http://lsc911.webs.com/ for more info. Thanks and we hope to see you part of our team real soon.





1. There is no age limit to joining our crew, but we please ask that crew members be able to act in a mature manner.

2. Our Clan is mostly played on the Xbox360 platform, so this might not be a good clan for you if you play on PS3.

3. We ask that you be able to take orders and follow them as directed.

4. There will be no disrespect to the officers or other members of the clan.

5. We wish that our members remain active and are willing to join in on activities.

6. We also request that you have a mic as it is our main way of communication.






Los Santos County Emergency service Board

Edited by Austin71

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