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GTA sa Recruiting anyone as AK47 gtasanandreas.net


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If im right that cheat aint in final game but i never played SA on pc so i dont know, would be insane if now some1 got the pc cheat ( that works ). If i get you right you saying that website says wrong effect like spawn qaud then you used cheat u found out no qaud spawns but you can recruit peds with ak47?.

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"Recruit as AK-47", huh? You can only recruit anyone with (not "as") AK-47s using game alterations.


Additional: I just searched and OrionSR says there is no activation code available for PC.


Source: http://gtaforums.com/topic/190660-recruit-anyone-ak-47/?p=1062070874


Note: I'm a PS2 player.

Edited by King Andreas
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It works for me using a v1 executable.


So, now can you find a working Cars Drive On Water code?

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It works for me using a v1 executable.


So, now can you find a working Cars Drive On Water code?

I found the recruit peds with AK 47 by accident

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Yes. The cheat function exists but apparently there is no button press string to trigger it. But the same thing was thought of the Recruit AK-47 code so maybe someone will still work it out. I came across the memory address that triggers Cars Drive on Water for PC just about 4 years ago while poking around with the various cheat flags. Below is a image provided by spaceeinstein after his test. Note the high-def radar map, so it's definitely PC and not PS2.





It's pretty easy to trigger Cars Drive on Water using a CLEO code (which is how it was found), and I wouldn't be surprised if this was included in any trainer that's been updated in the last few years. There are also some mods available on GTAGarage.

Edited by OrionSR
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Huh so this cheat still not found but it exist, is there a difference between pc and ps2 cheats ( like more pc cheats )?. Cuz i thought years ago some had this ps2 controller wired to pc ( or some ) and let the controller find the cheats by testing all buttons avaible. If someone did that then how come we dont have the ps2 cheat? or he tried max 15digit cheats and this is a 20digit cheat. Someone can answer me how theres no ps2 cheat found while this ps2 controller is exploited by the max, i remember there was no jump higher cheat at begin but thought the wired controller found them.

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@ lil weasel

U was responding to me? i mean how come the ak47 cheat works on pc ( and maybe more cheats left ) but not on ps2? Its cuz pc got more cheats or theres a ps2 cheat too but not found?, since some1 did this controller trick ( let computer try all combinations fast ) i dont understand how there still cheats not found. Or you was talking bout vehicle drive on water cheat, seems logic since vice city had that cheat if more cheats out there maybe the change cj to npc outfit exist too ( but i doubt cuz fat stats etc. would prolly glitch it ).

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How the cheats work is complicated and I don't think a detailed explanation would be helpful at this point so I'll try to be brief.


The cheats for PS2 and PC are mostly the same. The buttons and keys used to trigger a cheat code are obviously different. And it appears that not all cheats were implemented in both versions. I am confident that there are no more cheat codes to be discovered, but it could be possible that the described effects may not be complete or 100% accurate, as we note with the AK-47 code in this topic.


I would be very much surprised if someone managed to get one of the documented cheats to implement Drive on Water. The AK-47 code doesn't work on PS2, so perhaps the cheat discovery team never bothered to check for it when working on the PC codes. But Drive on Water was a known code on PS2 so they most likely checked for it's effect on PC. Also, it's clearly documented as Not Implemented, which I suspect means it doesn't have a cheat code "hash" that will trigger it.


Um... I not sure how to explain this simply, but the cheat code string length doesn't matter. There are thousands of possible strings that can trigger each individual code. Some are short, some are long, and others are in plain text instead of apparently random characters. Plain text strings have never been discovered for many of the cheat codes.

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Sorry for reply but i thought something like if cheat is like max 15 digits long the controller ( ps2 ) would do like x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x then after that o x x x x x etc. so all combinations are done 15^15 = sh*tload of combinations but after its completed we can say 100% there no more cheats left. I always thought pc and ps2 same cheats ( the effect ) but dont know since i played pc and ps2 but didnt check all cheats ( to see if there exact the same ). I wonder which cheats different, maybe nastylimbcheat only pc since ps2 cant handle ( i doubt )

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