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To be part of the crew there are a few requirements that we ask of you

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So I am sure some of you are wondering what is the point in our crew? Well for starters we are in this thing together to have fun, rank up and help each other as much as possible. It's much more fun to do this as part of a crew aiming at a common goal right?

First up lets talk about the Hierarchy. TheNaughtyWord(Xbox 360) and Woosaah (PS3) are the founders of this crew and have the vision of helping anyone who joins.

<strong>Crew Rules

</strong>To be part of the crew there are a few requirements that we ask of you.

1. Wear our colours proud - that's right, we are kiwi green so display your colour on your clothes. The more noticeable the more likely you will be noticed by fellow crew members.

2. Wear our patch - our patch was created by http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/addikt_nz and looks great. Wear it on your back or as a badge, doesn't matter, just wear it proud!

3. Join missions with other crew members - If your a high rank invite the smaller ranks in, it helps build team morale, you get to know other kiwis playing the game and it helps them out by getting them to rank up a little bit faster and it gets them involved more in the game.

4. Become active on Rockstar Social Club/Here - Any questions you have throw it to us someone is bound to have ideas and will try help you out! Let others know when your going to be on, also mention your gamer tag so others know to find you as well. The more you are noticed the more likely you will be moved up the ranks.

I have touched on the hierarchy. We have ideas of expanding this and hopefully trying to make this work in the long term. More information will come to light in the future but if you have ideas throw them in the comments, all ideas are welcome!

That's pretty much it. We are always open to ideas and have some plans for the future as well. There will hopefully be some game nights where we can get a whole heap of the crew together and hammer some other crews out there.

Come Join our crew! Be sure to link your gamer tag and become active on the social site that's the key to our success.

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