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Trevor sleeps for 12 hours, not 6.

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I was under the impression that sleeping advances time by 6 hours but I recently discovered that the 3 characters have different sleeping times. Michael sleeps for 6 hours, Franklin sleeps for 8 hours, and Trevor sleeps for 12 hours.

I was trying to do the last knife flight I needed with a jet and it was difficult to see anything because it was dusk and a heavy fog had rolled in throughout the city leaving me blind so I shot over to Trev's safehouse out in bumpkin county, ditched the jet and saved twice.
It was 11pm when I got there so I figured 2 x 6 hour sleeps would get me to midday and I would have a clear view for the last knife flight, when I walked out it was dark and I wondered why.
I made note of the time and slept again and noticed 12 hours had passed not 6, I reloaded my first playthrough save and slept as Trevor to make sure it wasn't just a glitch with my current save and it was also 12 hours.
I then checked Michael and Franklin's sleep cycles and found that Michael sleeps for 6 hours and Franklin sleeps for 8 hours.

This info could be useful for stock fluctuations (advancing time quicker to see profit/loss), wearing the Epsilon robes for 10 days (not sure, Michael may change clothes when sleeping as Trevor), day/night quick change for missions or video montage requirements, or quick weekly income deposits if desperate for $$$.

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Nice find :), i was wandering about sleep times today as when i saved as Trevor it didn't seem to be 6 hours as you would expect, but never thought of actually testing to see how many hours he sleeps. And i also slept as Franklin and noticed it was a little more than 6 hours (but thought i'd maybe added it up wrong lol).


I'll remember that for the next time i want to advance time with the character i'm using.

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cool, nice catch!

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Crimson Flam3s

Nice 1!

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Imagine it like this:


Michael has a lot of inner demons. He has a lazy stoner son (not judging) and a potentially self-destructing daughter. Not to mention the ex-stripper wife. He sleeps 6 hours because, as most of us know, time is money.


Franklin starts off in his aunt's place until he gets his upgrade. He smokes marijuana and, judging by the character switch cut-scenes, he drinks. This gives Franklin a much more relaxed and easy life. 8 hours of blissful sleep.


Trevor. Oh Trevor. A man of many issues. The drinking. Huffing gasoline from a dirty sock on his porch. Skull forking a teddy. Waking up with little or no recollection of the night before. This is typical of many people in his situation. Methamphetamine is a helluva nasty drug. I'd sleep for 12hrs straight after a 6-day meth (or any narcotic substance) binge.


Also bear in mind that the campaign takes place over months. I didn't understand why Trevor's hair grew at first until I opened my mind a little more. Hopefully this will add a slightly different point of view on the sleeping for you.

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Off topic here but how do you do knife flight ?

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I think its their age franklin being young sleeps 8 hours once you get a lil older like michael you sleep less so 6 hours for him and trever is always wasted so 12 hours for him


Knife flights you have to fly vertically through buildings .

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