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IV:Network - An Alternative Modification for GTA:IV EFLC

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The Old IV:MP

We are back, are we? Anways, welcome to IV:Network

You might have missed what has happened this day or have read this news some weeks after these recent events but let me tell you what has happened.

As most of you know most of the current team currently worked on the modification "IV: Multiplayer" together with a bigger team. There have been going on internal disputes for a while but today things got out of control which lead to the breakup of the team and the creation of 2 different mods: On one hand IV: Multiplayer based on the Networked: IV sourcode, on the other IV: Network based on the former IV: Multiplayer 1.0.0 sourcecode.

Why are my account and posts gone?

Even though the forum license belongs to our team, the database unfortunately does not which means the IV:MP team has full rights to use it. To avoid a legal conflict we decided to start the forums from scratch.

I donated to IV:MP in the last weeks and they told me we have the money. Is that true?

It is indeed true that all IV:MP donations were handled over FRi in the past weeks which means he is indeed in possesion of your money. However it is not lost, as there are 2 ways what you can do:

1. Reclaiming it

In case you do not want to support our modification and our team, as your purpose was to support the IV:MP team you can contact us via email([email protected]) so we can refund your money as fast as possible

2. Leaving it to IV:Network

Even though we are now hosted on a new server and operate under a new name our services (hosting, licenses etc.) still require money to be operated. All the money donated back when we were merged with the IV:MP team will be solely used for keeping our services up.

So what happens to development?

Development still continues on our old codebase and our plans for the mod have not changed. The opensource GitHub page is located here - https://github.com/GTA-Network/IV-Network.

I must thank you on behalf of the whole IV:Network team for your support in these hard times.

In case you got any questions I am happy to answer them



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Also I forgot to mention, we've already started working on the basic of V:Network (V-MP) and once the game gets released on PC, we will start adding the game to the V:Network client.

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