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I'm shocked by how bad Vice City feels today

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It isn't so bad. It's just that Vice City doesn't seem as good, because most of the games we have today are better.

that moment when vice city is better than many recent games

Edited by MarkyEvansy

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Sunrise Driver

I'm shocked how VC (and the whole III era) are still best games ever.

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After reading this thread,I decided to restart my old ps2. I could not get used to the graphics and how fast Tommy runs. But after a few hours I started to adapt to it. Putting in Gta 5 makes me feel different,the whole thing is clearer and more soothing to the eyes. But it is technology from 2002. Gta VCS is still decent though, because of the 2005/2006 tech.

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Ulrich Kirsch

I like how VC is 'straight to the point'

I mean, you don't have to listen to plenty of useless and unfunny dialogues before mission starts or cross the whole map in a slow vehicle just to get an object the mission boss could have given you instantly, unlike some modern games.

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I can do a remasters. I tried SA on a friends ps2 after not playing for some years and found it very difficult. At the time I was only comparing SA to saints row 2 so forget about gta V.


You can literally count seconds before the the game displays the action I inputed from the controller.

It was pretty gravy on ps3 tho. All the nostalgia plus better controls. :^:

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