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Alert. You have not signed in error


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When attempting to load my gta 5 on my xbox i encounter an error message just after what I believe to be a disclaimer, it's the one you get if your not signed in when attempting to play and informs you that you need to sign in to save data and be awarded achievements, I get this even when I am signed in. I can't progress past this alert message accepting it or not, the screen just freezes on it but the rest of the xbox doesn't. I can still hear and talk to friends in party chat, i can still use the xbox guide menu but I just can't get on the game what so ever.


Obviously I've tried signing in on other accounts and have reset the xbox a number of times and even tried leaving xbox turned off for a few hours hoping it will sort its self out but no luck so far.


Please any help will be much appreciated

:) thanks

Edited by Tykes
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I also have this same issue.I was playing a couple of hours ago and everything was fine. I stopped for a couple hours and now im getting this Alert. Tells me i need to be signed in when i clearly am. Please help... dont know what to do.

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I've just tried the game again for the first time since I made this post and it all of a sudden started working again, hopefully if you encounter the same problem it will fix itself like it did for me

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  • 8 months later...

This happened to me, fixed itself and just happened to me again today. I was just looking on how to fix it, saw nothing and decided to try something. It says you're not signed in when you are, and the buttons do nothing when you ARE signed in, so I figured I would try it when Not signed in. The message came up, I pressed sign in, and it worked.


If this ever happens to you again, try launching the game while signed out and see if it works for you too. I can't believe I'm the first to figure this out if it works for others and it wasn't just a fluke.

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  • 9 months later...
Tata McChicken

So I also had this problem for about 2 months, i tried everything that was possible, but then fooling around with my xboX and the settings, i noticed that my resolution was at 480p, then i switched it to 1080p, then the game didnt give me the 'youre not signed in message". If you have one of the older versions of the xbox and happen to use the HDTV cord, the side of it has a switch with 2 options, it should be on HDTV not on TV so that you may turn the resolution higher. To change the resolution simply go to settings, then click system, then console settings, click display, then HDTV settings and click 1080p

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I am having this problem and nothing I do is making any difference. Cannot play any of my saved games, just constant "you are not signed in" message.

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  • 2 months later...

I also had this problem but have found a way to fix it. I recently connected my XBox 360 to the internet via ethernet cable as it is first gen, and updated and installed new patches. GTA V worked several times afterwards, but the "Alert" became constant. First I deleted the patches I installed, then I deleted the title update. I tried to load my game and it worked instantly.

Edited by AFriendOfSomeone
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This problem occurs when the date and time on your console is incorrect. Fix the date and time on consol and then retry. I had this problem also and after trying out different stuff I came to this and solved it for me. Hope I helped 🐬🐬

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  • 3 years later...
  • 1 year later...

None of these methods worked, all my settings are correct, i have 1080p activated, my date and time is right to the T it just isnt working...Sucks there is nothing to be done about it especially when u paid money for it


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I had this issue for a while, i watched a video and it said to change date and time so i changed it to the present date and time and it works for me now, hope this helps


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  • 9 months later...

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