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--------------The Cornered Fox---------------------

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We can assure you the only requirements you'd need to meet is the willingness to grow and expand.

We are few for now but each day a new member joins the cause. We have members so far stretching from Arizona to eastern Germany (they speak good English not to worry). Ensuring that 9/10 times you'll have a friend to run missions with or watching your back.Our team is mainly PS3 users but we are trying to gain a larger xbox team to run. So far there are 2 on Xbox but I personally have 3 more friends that are planning to buy a copy within the month.

At the moment we run a lot of death matches and survivals.
This past Saturday a team of ours was able to complete 4 survivals in under 1 1/2hrs scoring 80,000 cash.


As stated before we will help you.Give you tips and help you along the way to attaining what goals you may have.

Our overall goal is to have fun. We want you to goto work and tell all your gaming buddies about the money you made or the insane missions you accomplished.

--Almost all of our members have mics so if you'll have constant communication.

--You can reply if you have any questions.If you're wanting to join below I'll have a link to our direct webpage on Rockstar social club to see the team as well as where you can request an add. Also we are on the verge of merging with another crew who are made up of 8 members which will help nicely. They are a true die hard Max Payne 3 death match group.





We appreciate your time.


Commissioner of The Cornered Fox.


Edited by Bari34

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  • Probably noticeable but we are fans of Metal Gear solid but you don't have to be one to join the team.


  • COD background welcome


  • It doesn't only stop with GTA.

    Not sure if people play on Max Payne 3 still but we have a small team for that as well.

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