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Demolition man


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OK, Segosa told me that he heard about a mission in VC that's called Demolition Man. I wanted to ask someone who has played the game if its really true. Also, Seg told me it has something to do with exploding stuff...... hmmm

Mission name: Demolition Man

Player name: Demolition_Man

Mission Objective: Explode the sh*t outta some place

Player Position: EXPLOSIVES EXPERT of The Scorpions Mafia Elite.....


lmao. seems like the perfect job for me huh?

Anyways, just wanted to know if its true and if it is then I'd like to hear more about this mission.


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get RC chopper and plant bombs in various levels of a building to blow it up, avoiding gunfire as you do it, you get 5-7 minutes, its a hard mission.

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Yes, there is a mission called "Demolition Man".  The Avery guy gives it to you

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