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hello i have found a broken down church bus and a broken down firetruck and the titantic..all these files have txd and dff and .col...ok how do i put them in san andreas? do i like add them to gta 3 img? i have map editor but not really sure how to use it..and please if i posted this in the wrong spot put it in right one..like to create junkyard with the junk cars too..and the new firetruck and bus as well as the broken down truck at catalinas house..please help..i cant even seem to find the files in gta map editor...would also like to add the exploding barrels as well..to i need to make a new ide or ipl? i dont know how to do that..thanks again :panic:

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9 times out of 10, the .dff and .txd are the same name. Import them into your gta3.img and rebuild the archive.


Find out where you are going to put them on the map.. for example, in LAe2.ipl (or you could use a custom IPL if you wish, if its custom, make sure you create the correct entry in gta.dat to load your new IPL)


You need to define these entries in the .ide; and use a Free ID. Use this tool here to help you find a Free ID. (again, if the .ide is a custom one, then you need to load it in gta.dat)


For an example:

14906, titanic, titanic, 100, 0


Regarding the .col file, SA hits limits if you add too many .col files. Open up Collision File Editor II, open the .col file and export the .cst file. Extract another .col file already in your gta3.img, open this up in Col File Editor II, and ADD the .cst file (this should also be named the same as your dff/txd). Save the .col file, and then import it back into your gta3.img and rebuild the archive.


If you do hit a limit, download Project2DFX which includes a Limit Adjuster (the best IMO)


Now its time to place your model in-game.Open up MEd, Render the 'Scene' where you want to place the object. Click on the IPL tab, and click on New half way down on the left hand side. Select the IDE file where you defined your model, and your model should be listed there. Select it, and hit OK. Now place the object where you like, and save the IPL, and test in-game.


This is just a short/rough tutorial, but it should help you along the way.


This tutorial here is more in-depth, and is what I learnt from.

Edited by methodunderg

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