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I bought the Auto place, and I was wondering how I can get it to make me money like the vercetti estates? Or do I have to do missions like the ice cream factory ones?



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Hm, I assume you mean the Car Showroom?

It generates $1500 a day per import/export board completed ($6000 in total). First I think you should do the 6 races, then when you have beaten those, move on to the Stolen Car showroom garages. Head down to the lower garages behind the building and you'll fine a list of cars on the wall near a single garage (near the Street Race Map). I think after you complete the races and do this it generates 6k a day maybe? I'm not really sure. But for reference, if you get all the cars in Garage 1 you get a Deluxo, Garage 2 a Sabre Turbo, Garage 3 a Sandking, and Garage 4 a Hotring Racer.

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