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Does anyone know when and where armored trucks spawn?

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The time the truck glitch happened to me was in an invite session. The first time it got initiated was because the dickhead driver got impatient and tried driving around me because I was stopped in front of him and he ended up hitting me. "SecludedMemory has attacked an armored truck". So I get the 3 stars, and I'm chasing it on a Sanchez. I kill the driver with a shotgun and blow the doors open with a sticky, but as soon as the cash falls out I get nailed by a cop going 500 mph. As soon as I respawn I see the truck I raided (with the cash on the ground), and another new truck icon driving on radar.

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People think they only get the amount noted on the top right corner, thats why they think its not worth it. It's per bag ! Idiot !


Eh, let 'em think what they think. More for the rest of us.

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Anything in the turnables about this?

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they spawn when everyone in the server is above a certain level. I think its level 15 or 20.


They won't spawn in a specific area (most likely the city) but everyone in the lobby will get a notification that their is one

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1. I believe they only show up in solo sessions. I have NEVER seen them in open worlds.


2. Don't bother, the $4-6k payouts aren't worth the 3 stars.

I know I'm way late to this post and I'm sure if I read one someone adresses this but - false


1. I see them all the time in both - notice the little ticker in the bottom of the screen as well that will notify you when someone has attacked one... they spawn as random events near players, typically one at a time in some kind of timer. More players in the lobby simply means a lower statistical likelihood that you will be the one it spawns for. That said you do see more in an invite-only session.


2. I've hit cars with over 12k

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