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Best Trainer/Mod allowing to play as npc ?

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Hello guys ! :D


I've been searching a trainer or a mod that allows you to simply choose between all NPCs of the GTA III , VC and SA games, including "unique" like Sonny Forelli or The french guy in one of vice city mission (colonel cortez).


For example, i would like to play as one of GIGN man in vice city, or in SA, a Swat officer.


I found that you have to extract some skins from the game, but that seems a lot since it is already in the game.


Anyway thank you , I'm new on the modding thing and i would like help. :colgate:


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I Don't know anything about modding, Still, i do Think that new Skins cannot be created.It can just be Replaced. Ie: To play as Colonel Cortez or Sonny Forrelli, You need to replace their skin with Cj's Skin or any other's and then use the Skin Selector mod.

Forgive me if you already know all these.I'm Kinda' a Newbie too

EDIT: Not exactly *That* much Newbie

Edited by xXxTylerxXx

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Thanks for the answer anyway, i searched topics about this, i found some way to do it in gta sa (and int is ingame so it is very good like this) with some cleo mod.

Regarding gta 3 adn VC , it seems to be doable but not in game, so its a bit awkward.

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