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Has anyone found these people? Epsilon/Cult Stoppers.

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5 missing people - 5 missing tracts.


Cris talks about him and Michael writing tracts together through out the Epsilon missions.


Perhaps this is the key? Or is it possibly alluding to DLC?


Two of them (Ameer and Haylee) are clearly located on beaches.


Has anyone seen people in Epsilon dress outside of the Epsilon centre or missions?


I have a feeling that R* are going to leak different missions and easter eggs through out the life of this game via updates as there are still a plethora of unanswered questions to some pretty interesting mysteries!

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Dr Kain

I have never even seen that website before, so I never looked for anyone. Thanks, you gave me something else to do with the game next month when I start playing it again. I still need to find the 8 bodies, the Zacundo UFO, the sunken UFO, Thelma and Louise, and now this. AWESOME!!!!!

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Bump - anyone seen an Epsilonist on their travels?

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Yeah I've completed the epsilon side missions. If you have completed it you won't see any. If you go to where the first heist is there is someone there. Talking about epislon. Some of the stuff he says will brain fxck you so be carefull. LOL

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I've found a girl. I can't remember if she's epsilon or children of the mountain. I can't find her again though >.<

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You can find them at the Epsilon HQ, any time. There is just a "Bug", wich spawn only one or two of them but 10 times at the same Place

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I'm almost certain that I met this guy in story mode the other day. I killed him by accident. Here's the rough location.....



Edited by P.C.M.

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Also - anyone noticed contacts for a lot of the GTA V websites...




i just emailed them :D


this was the response I got:


Thank you so much for contacting the Epsilon Program. You just made a brilliant decision. The decision to challenge conventional orthodoxies and lots of entirely false and disgusting stories in the press (in response to which, trust us, we are preparing some very exciting law suits). While we cannot personally respond right away to each email, please know that we do read it and your information is cherished. For a long time. To obtain response faster, please provide your name, age, headshot, and some simple information regarding your gross income and exactly what it is you are searching for, so we can point you in the direction of the correct further study program (remember – even though some of the study programs may seem expensive, how do you put a price on the kind of knowledge that will make life a lot better? The simple fact is you don't, unless you are a fool and Epsilonists are not fools.


So ask yourself: am I a fool? And if I am not, I won't worry about investing in my future in a well reasoned study program in order to know literally everything about everything, just like lots of top celebrities and thinkers – and the fact is by contacting us, you've proven you're not a fool, so you should really consider this an investment you've already made. By the way, while we are on that subject, we have some great financing opportunities available in case you cannot afford the truth but really want to know it – competitive rates and exciting investment – what could be better about salvation?). We promise based on your response we'll answer in an appropriate timeframe.


To get answers even faster, might we recommend visiting an Epsilon Center? We have houses of worship in cities around the world. Our headquarters is in Vinewood, though in an effort to not mix business and spirituality, we're also incorporated in the Cayman Islands as dictated to our leader Cris Formage by the great Lord Kraff in a dream. Lots of top politicians and celebrities use the Cayman Islands for investments, proving what a wise decision this is.


Why exactly did you email us today? Are you seeking truths? Truths about yourself? In today's rat race of capitalism, we often forget the important things in life. Why horde possessions or squirrel money away in a savings account when none of that brings happiness? We can show you how to use your possessions and life savings towards a better understanding and a better life! It's a life with equally minded individuals seeking approval and, through a convenient payment system, easy to understand levels of enlightenment to attain. That's the truth and it's also a fact and facts are what make Espilonism such an exciting scientific-based belief system. You've already proven you're not a fool, so now prove you're a scientist. Are you ready?


There are truths so simple, so powerful, but you have to acquire the right tools to understand them. We can give you those tools. Look at many of our most famous members and you will see – they have the tools to make you believe they are someone they are not. They have fame and fortune and multiple partners. This is the core of Epsilonism. Seek, invest, and this time, you shall find the answers you are looking for. Or if not quite this time, then as soon as our online services program is updated to reflect a very minor argument with the IRS. *

Won't you join us? Together we can Learn your own truth.

Cris and the Epsilon team


*= Dear friends at the IRS - We're a religion! In FACT, we're the fastest growing religion in America, growing by lots of people recently and that is a FACT, so please don't embarrass yourselves by taking us to court. Give us the same tax breaks you give other religions or we will do something really nasty, without you even knowing it was us, even though Epsilonism is a religion of truth and understanding, we also know how to set fire to things remotely and cause lots of other bad problems.

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You can find them at the Epsilon HQ, any time. There is just a "Bug", wich spawn only one or two of them but 10 times at the same Place


No. They are all clones!

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