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Easiest 50k possible

Chunky Lee Chong

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Chunky Lee Chong

Okay...head to the arena in Downtown after 8:00PM  ...::20:00::... and the competition must be the Dirt Arena...


Now enter... go through all the blips in under 5 Mins and you get 50K... under 10 MINS 10K... over 10 Mins 1K...


Best I've managed is 7:??

You did baaaad. Good bye, and thanks for the spam!


Banned. - spookie


The password to this account is...

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or you can puchase the car dealership place.

and enter race 6,

then go behind the big pink hotel

(about a block from the airport)

get the rocket launcher,

go near the starting place of the race.

blow up the front 2 cars with one shot,

then the race will attomaticly start and

the remaining car will start, blow it up,

do the race at whatever pace you want

without any competitors. $40,000 in 6 mins.

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