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Which song is more annoying?

Recommended Posts

Johnny Spaz

Don't you sometimes wonder what I want

Don't you sometimes think I just want your c*nt

I'd hate to think that romance is just a pose

But all I want to do is rip off your clothes

I'm a pervert


^ f*ck THIS SONG


Get outta my car is garbage too, same with if you wanna get to heaven, & that Modjo and Stardust song are the only 2 good ones from Non Stop Pop everything else is garbage.

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The one that goes


"What is the number? I don't answer. I say what is the number? I still don't answer! What is the number boy? I really don't answer!" etc



LMAO! Y'all leave Yellow Man alone!



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Yes - Roundabout

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We built this city! We built this city on rock and rooooooooooooooll!

Edited by Yinepi

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Everything on East Los FM is annoying as hell 😂

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That bloody Glamorous song on Non Stop Pop FM

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The songs I hate? Enter a taxi at any time. That same sh*tty song is on no matter what time you get in, and it always starts at the same point in the song where it gets so frustrating that if you were to actually be in the taxi you would beg the driver to change the station. At least I get to skip it. I'm more into that Soulwax FM if you ask me.

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If I can make just one person laugh with this rant, I'll have accomplished something with my life. Here it goes....

Oh, God, where do I begin with the irritating songs?

Los Santos Rock Radio:

-Roundabout by Yes. What is this, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? That song is the most annoying, 70s experimental piece of sh*t I've ever had to put up with. It's barely even a rock song and it's way too long for a song I can't stand.
-I Wouldn't Wanna Be Like You by The Alan Parsons Project. Obnoxious 70s disco-rock garbage. Not the good kind of disco like on Space 103.7 or The Lowdown. This is Saturday Night Fever dated, silly trash. I always change the station when that one comes in.

Radio Los Santos:

-Bassheads by Gangrene. Anyone who knows me will know I hate this song. "Bass! Bass! Bass Bass Bass! Bass! Yeeeah!"
-How It Was by Future. A horribly Autotuned, digital mess. This is the song DJ Pooh was mocking with his laptop joke.
-Everyday by Trouble ft. Gucci Mane. Badly Autotuned dross with an annoying beat and...are the guys crying while they record their lines? "I might leave a trail, all this mail playa." he sounds like he's in tears.

West Coast Classics:

-Afro Puffs by The Lady Of Rage. She's not bad, but her lines flat out suck. "I am the roughest, roughest, roughest. I am the toughest, toughest, toughest." This is the kind of crap OG Loc would write while he scrubs toilets in 1992.
-What You Wanna Do by Kausion: "With the rhythm it takes to dance....." Shut up please.

Non-Stop Pop FM:

-Glamorous by Fergie. Annoying, broken and not sure what genre it wants to be.
-Tennis Court by Lorde. I hate her voice, she's singing about how good she has it and this song is MISERABLE to sit through. Station change!
-Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner. I hate his emasculated voice and this 8-bit song should be on Radio Mirror Park.
-Heartbeat by Robyn. This song is mindless on so many levels, from the repetitive first half to the extremely repetitive lines and beat of the second half. I don't know how this lady ever became popular anywhere.

Worldwide FM:

-Live Your Life by Yuna. I don't like her voice. She sounds like a cheap Adele knockoff and she gets annoying fast.
-Hive by Earl Sweatshirt. The song is not that bad, but it kills the mood because it doesn't belong here. I go from listening to smooth jazz and exotic electronic music to some punk cussing up a storm. Why?
-Let Yrself Be by Jimmy Edgar. This is a "song" in the crudest sense of the word. Hardly even music and unfit for human ears. Listening to it will result in the listener being transformed into Jack Torrance, complete with ax, plaid shirt and red jacket.
-Viarejo by Clap! Clap!. Being exotic doesn't excuse how annoying this noise is.

Space 103.2:

-Tonight by Kleer. Stupid. ****ing. Voicebox. I'm glad that fad won't return.

Rebel Radio:

-Whiskey River by Willie Nelson. I might need some whiskey to get through this twangy, depressing, dull country blues ballad.

The Lowdown:

-Stories by The Chakachas. What's with the laughter and no lyrics? It's not even a song. It's a test of sanity.

Radio Mirror Park:

-Psychic City by Yacht. This song is so irritatingly hipster. "I used to live in a voodoo city....."
-Feel The Same by Battle Tapes. I think almost everyone hates this hipster anthem. I'll know if I do a poll.
-Lucky Boy by DJ Medhi. Not so lucky, since unfortunately he fell through a skylight and was killed. The song itself has the same problems as "Cooler Than Me".

Soulwax FM:

-Mingi by Mim Suleiman. "Mingi mingi mingi mingi nyaaa nyaaaaaaaa...."
-Fatal Error by Fatal Error. "Raaa raaaaaa aaaaggghhh ha ha ha FATAL ERRAH!"

Vinewood Boulevard Radio:

-Diddy Wah Diddy by Ty Segall. His squeaky voice makes my ears bleed.

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Most of the stations in gtav were pretty bad, i say that frisco song on east los fm was pretty annoying since it was on all the time in my game

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Rockstar's Greed

The gta v radio sucked ass except for a couple of songs like Swimming Pools (Drank), Most of FlyLo Fm, ILLuminate, Most of WCC, Radio Mirror Park.


Crawling after you is guilty pleasure

Edited by Rockstar's Greed

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Worst song is that money come and money go (i remain) song on blue ark f*cking terrible how many of his own sh*tty songs lee scratch perry has crowbarred into blue ark radio.

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