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Qeustions for u.s guys

Vice City Kamikaze Kops

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Vice City Kamikaze Kops

1. how many missions do you have to do before getting all islands up, and do they come up seperatly or all at once.


2. those load of cheats, are they real?


3. Is the hearse cool, and do you see it driving around with a coffin in the back


4. can you play " Degentron " in the game?


5. wot are side missions like??

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1. I beileve its around 10 missions or so, although if you ask me I  think the 2nd island opens up too quickly.



2.about 60% of the cheats out there are real.



3.Yep, there is a hearse. In a mission it even throws exploding coffins out the back at you..



4.No idea on degetron, although I have not finished the game yet.



5. They are varied, from phone booths, races, blowing stuff up, you know the usual flavor.






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