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Space Galaxies Mission Series

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Hello guys,


i opened this thread so you can give me feedback on the mission series i created. I am relatively new to DYOM. Have played missions before but never created missions. But then i started making some missions and yet the first 2 missions weren't perfect. The Explosions didnt work right and in mission 2 a soldier gets killed. But in mission 3 it was perfect (perfect in the meaning how it was supposed to be like).




The story is loosely based on my book "Space Galaxies: Time and Space" but with minor modifications because you can't make space Battles in GTA: San Andreas. The first part of the Story is just a little big explaining and constructing the bigger story. When the time travel starts (app. at mission 10 or 11) the real story begins.


It tells the Story of Mayor Jack Christopher, US Air Force soldier at Kensington Airbase, New York, USA. After humankind is starving because there is not enough food for all humans, Jack is send out to go on a diplomatic mission to the planet Gyrol. On the planet he gets in trouble and it looks unevitable to get back in time into the past. But is time travel really safe?





(sorted by appearance/importance)


Jack Christopher


Jack is the main character of the series and the person which you take control of. His parents were killed in a car accident and he has befriended with Pete. Jack is a Mayor in US Air Force (First Appearance: The Negotiator)


Pete Gumbell


He is the grand-grandson of Paul Gumbell, Inventor of the time machine. Pete is a friend of Jack and the guy who controls the time machine when operating in 2139. Pete is also the inventor of the "Fast-Forward"-Button to get back to the Future without a second machine. Pete will accompany Jack on its later travels. Pete is Lieutenant in US Air Force. (has not appeared yet)


The General


His Name is unknown at the beginning of the story

but it is revealed later that his last name is Bourgeoise and so he is the father of Melissa Bourgeoise.

. Ke is the superior of Jack and Pete and the General at Kensington Airbase. (First Appearance: The Negotiator)


Liane Forbes


FBI-Agent Liane Forbes is the security guard and escort of Jack Christopher. Her Grandfather was the pilot of the moon ferry. (First Appearance: Difficulties)


Arek Tewil

Arek Tewil is the actual President of Planet Gyrol. He likes to torture and kill his people. Its rumored that his leadership is a dictatorship. (First Appearance: The Riot)





Isis is a character Jack first meets when he gets into the past. Her actual name is Margarete Islandsdatter and she originates from Kopenhagen, Denmark. She was born in the year 1412. In 1412 she is the queen of Denmark. At that time she was the first woman to become leader of Denmark.

(not appeared yet)





Glacias is a little ice elf living on the Planet Haraznaz.

She asks Jack and Pete for help in a clan feud.

(not appeared yet)


Leyila Osmond


Leyila Osmond is an orphan Jack meets in

Los Angeles. He saves her life when she gets nearly killed by a truck out of control. Later she accompanies Jack when he tries to get safely to Chicago while everyone tries to kill him.

(not appeared yet)


Thomas Edison


Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb and the phonograph. He was born in 1847.

Thomas helps Jack who tries to save the Titanic before the ship hits an iceberg. He travels with Jack on the Titanic.

(not appeared yet)




Imhotep served under the pharao Djoser as chancellor and high priest of the sun god Ra at Heliopolis.

He has the antidote to save mankind and Jack asks if he can get it. Imhotep gives him the Antidote in a plan that he wants to fool everyone to think he tries to save the sick Djoser but in fact he tries to kill Jack so th pharaoh dies but everyone thinks Imhotep still tried to save Djoser but an accident to the delivery man happened.

(not appeared yet)


Oberst Hamann


Oberst Hamann is a


soldier born

in Berlin, Germany (Germany is part of the soviet union in the alternate future caused by the time travel). He tries to kill Jack like many others but he does it more stylish.

Unlike General Berezinov he can fly a space ship. (not appeared yet)


General Berezinov


General Berezinov is a


soldier born in Smolensk who thinks he can fly a space ship.

General Berezinov tries to kill Jack in a space battle but dies in the process because he cant fly a space ship.



Melissa Bourgeoise


She is the daughter of

General Bourgeoise. Pete killed her because the General didnt allowed him to marry her. Actually he wanted to kill himself AND Melissa at the same time but he luckily survived the crash.

(not appeared yet)


Kan Kanook


Kan Kanook comes from the Planet Lothedar. He is a Volt-Car-Racer and a long-time friend of Jack. Kan is 19 years old. (not appeared yet)


Pora Vergé


Pora Vergé is the arch-enemy of Kan and he comes from the Planet Cicarthé. He is best known for cheating in Volt-Car-Races and he kills competitors that are better than him.

He also tries to kill Kan Kanook in the race on Potvendar, but his rockets miss. Afterwards he gets killed by an Aletral.

(not appeared yet)


Colour code:


Players Characer







Chapter 1 - Prolog:




Chapter 2 - The Negotiator




Chapter 3 - Difficulties




Chapter 4 - The Riot




Some mission have and future missions will have Easter Eggs. For example you can find Big Smoke in Chapter 4.





Dutchy3010 and PatrickW - For creating DYOM

http://www.flamingtext.com- For headers

Revolver 1 - For showing me his headers he created @ Flamingtext

Edited by Mieguy

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The Odyssey

Just a suggestion - you might want to make your topic look prettier by having headers and logos. Such as "Story" "Characters" "Missions"

You can request for such headers Here.

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Okay thats a nice idea. but i want to use an artwork where i first have to ask for permission. So i can't post the request today. Thanks for the idea, i like headers.

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Okay thats a nice idea. but i want to use an artwork where i first have to ask for permission. So i can't post the request today. Thanks for the idea, i like headers.

I wouldn't mind letting you use mine. I like to help newbies, so use it if you want, or use the link I put in the Credits part, you'll find more there.

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Chapter 4 is uploaded. First Post was edited to include the link.


@revolver1: Thanks, i have put your headers in.

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these are just website generated headers, request headers in gfx section, no need to ask permission or smth you talk about, lol

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No thats not what i was talking about. I wanted to use a specific artwork and as the base rules of Header request says ripping is forbidden, i cant use it.



I asked the creator of the artwork and he said that his artwork is only allowed to be used for a specific game and the adjacent mod it was created for.


However i need a space theme and i doubt that anybody here has a space game :lol: prove me wrong and i post the request.

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This looks so much like fictional story... I think this kind of theme is impossible to do in DYOM and GTA SA in general, but hey, I would like to see you try.

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