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Mister Pink

RIP Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read..

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Mister Pink

Australia's most charismatic criminal dead. Some times we glorify criminals but how could you resist when it comes to best selling author. Chopper died from a battle with Cancer.




Most of you will know him from the film Chopper where Eric Bana portays him so well. One of my favorite films, it´s so darkly humorous and tells a tale of one of Australia's most charismatic people.











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Finn 7 five 11

He's a wannabe comedian who creeps the f*ck out of me with his weird laugh after saying on an interview "Yeah haven't killed anyone in a few years heheheheh"

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John Smith

'Chopper' was an amazingly hilarious movie, and like Floyd said, Bana's performance was outstanding. I also have Read's first book which is a great...read.


That said, he was a self-confessed bullsh*tter. I believe his words were..."never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn"...or something to that effect. And to be honest, if it makes for gripping story telling, then it's fine by me. The politicians should try their hands at authorship.

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It's a shame you didn't include that one interview where he plays russian roulette with the reporter.



It's not the full interview, just the last part, but it's a good watch if you can find it.

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