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Should R* revisit Anywhere City?


23 members have voted

  1. 1. Should they?

    • Yes.
    • No.

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The Setting of GTa2.

What do you think, Yay or Nay?

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yea, they could do as they please with the map due to it not being based on any actual city...

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Pooyan Cyrus

No, next question please! :lol:

Why should they make Anywhere city? It won't be bad on GTA:O but There are better choices like Chicago, Detroit, Carcer City, Vice City, San Fierro and Las Venturas.

Also, Carcer City would be similar to Anywhere city. So, there isn't any need to Anywhere City, at least as a stand-alone game.

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Trying to recreate Anywhere City would be a 180 turn of events considering that they're trying to create places as realistic as the real deal now.

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Rockstar should NEVER do another purely imaginary city again. That would be like going backwards from the progress of Vice City. They should stick with cities accurately based on real places. That's one of my gripes with Saints Row and why I prefer games like GTA, True Crime, and Watch Dogs over sandbox games like SR. I was never interested in SR because it's based in a town that is based on Chicago/Detroit but is so loosely based that you'd never know it. Plus I dislike "combo" cities where different places are mixed together, major cities should have their OWN SEPERATE city where they can be done proper justice. IMO mixing cities together in current openworld gaming = corny/lame/unrealistic.


Anywhere City would be like Stillwater/Saints Row to me, an unreal place with no real-world significance or recognizable landmarks. And no real landmarks makes places unrelatable to me, especially being someone who has travelled to various places. Having loosely based cities used to work for me in the early 2000's, but after games like GTA Vice City and True Crime LA came out and both games CLEARLY represented Miami and Los Angele, I no longer desired open games in purely fictional places. GTA 3 Liberty City should remain the last GTA city of that "loosely based fiction" type and they shouldn't go back because Vice City kind of set the current standard of open world city rendering and they should stick with it.

Edited by DoubleOGJohnson

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f*ck no

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as you can see i made concept about new anywhere city

but i dont think game like that (futuristic totally imaginary city) should be in the GTA series i think rockstar should do new series like that and make the game somewhat different than GTA. You can see what i mean by clicking my signature. Please note that Anywhere City isnt the most important thing in my concept i just want to see futuristic game that is similar to GTA2 in terms of style the city can be new.

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